Realizations & Reflections

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Well, after my previous post, which as i had mentioned in a few places on my Facebook that i “accidentally” published it, that taught me a lot. God taught me through it that it was His Willing that my post was published “accidentally”, i was in actual going to delay it to some date later, edit it and etc. when i wasn’t busy, just like the 7-8 other posts that i have……LOL.

This made me realize that you must let Life go the way God want us to, there’s no use in delaying, rushing, or resisting at all. you must Participate in The Moment, and give it your best, that’s the best you can do, and that’s all you have and that i am Grateful, that i learnt and realize this….then at the speed of ***SWOOOSH*** came a thought which said “what if i had realized this later, i would’ve started working on what i have to” and then Strikingly Fast at the Speed of Light came in another thought **SWOOSH** from my heart that said “God drives our lives the way He wants to & He didn’t want me to realize this before”

Remember, Never EVA let regret even come near, Thank God my heart was on a total “Shooo off you moron” mode :D!

Surely a moment for me to wink on myself ;). LOL…..well, that’s pretty much the way life goes, **Confession Mode Activated** i’ve been into resisting and delaying a lot of stuff, not only like my blog posts, even related to what i do and what i aspire ‘n’ inspire to do. All it just takes is to open your eyes : ). When God wills and the time is right, things will happen and they surely will fall in place, why worry ? why rush ?. The same day was filled with more surprises, a kind Twitter friend and the Founder of Twylah, Kelly Kim, she RT’ed my post, i was like “Whoa :D! From where did she come to know about it 😀 ?” In a happy way though, i was about to kinda jump and dance.

Realizations – Image is Subject to Copyright of its owners

You can never expect how or which way life goes…OMG……ooh not to mention i had my solid “weird beard” cc. my post “Weekend Chewbies“, i had my mind screaming “Hoooray Hooray, you like a drunkard”, how worse can it get….LOL. The night about Gratefulness and then the end of the same day on the note of “Realizations” some secret lessons this day had to teach, well i also learn about “Patience”, i was gonna Publish this one too at the same day, i gave it a thought that, after my deadlines are over, i will Publish it, without thinking about or editing my words, at times i even drastically edited my posts thinking that they were too Frank or Outspoken, this right now, and Thank God for the blessing for a friend, they made me realize that this is who i am, editing my writing and what i write here which comes first from my heart, i just edit my authenticity somewhere, my message remains the same, but i intended to, you know, redraft my language thinking that some might find it to be appropriate, what i learnt, and also some one told me before, i should write for myself, i just have to write, it flows from my heart, and God wills, whatever flows from one’s heart is always liked and loved by everyone : ).

Those things and words from our heart that we edit, takes away a part of ourselves, leaving something unsaid, so never edit what comes from your heart : ).

Thank God for bringing these words to my heart “Never let the words & actions that come from your heart ever be edited”

And i am publishing this one after many days of writing the above parts, its not that what i write or something, its what God taught me, that matters. I learnt that its important that we keep God first and let things take their own course, that we have a strong will and intention to DO and God will open the doors on His own.

This year has been an Incredible Journey, with many many ups and downs, All my Gratitude to God for blessing me with growth, for showing me the right way, for guiding me, in each step of mine that i fell for giving me His hand and so much more.
Including, giving me an opportunity to to share of all of this with you, i Thank you all from all my heart, for taking out your precious time from your busy days to read my posts, to comment on them, to share them, to give your Amazing compliments and SO much more : ).

Wishing you all a Wonderful New Year ahead : ).


Gratefulness, and all that it means

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A sleepless night, sitting on my bed, having chocolate, under the moonlight. Usually i tend to get pretty fuzzy when i am not able to sleep or if i don’t get sleep. This night, well it was maybe something else. I sat, stood, moved around, had something…..i felt blessed, although i was not able to sleep and i was having a “head-banging” headache, nothing stopped me for sitting under the moonlight and admiring God’s created Nature. At times, how we do forget to look around and apppreciate our blessings, even though we have so many, we tend to turn blind and blind folded by something called “Ungratefulness” as “Gratefulness” is a parent of virtues, the exact vice-versa goes for “Ungratefulness”, its when people become “ungrateful”, we disregard, forget and appreciate all that we have and have had. I Thank God for keeping me away from that and making me realize that Hey, if He didn’t want it, i wouldn’t be awake this night writing this post laying on my bed w/o even looking at my laptop

If He didn’t want, i wouldn’t even be on this bed……aaaand thats just the beginning… many times in a day we just stop everything, look around, realize and Thank & be Grateful for all that we have, when do we pause and say “Hey God, sorry for being a jacka** and for any of my actions that may have saddened you, and Thank you for everything” and you smile from your heart and continue with what you were doing. Remember folks, Life is just too damn short, so live each moment, with the magical seed of Gratefulness in your heart, nurture and care for it, by remembering it, which will just make you realize, that just how beautiful really is life. While writing this i did get reminded of my kind Dreamer friend Deanna……and also the friend i met in the mall cc. my post “People and Probabilities“. Could this all ever have been poossible if i hadn’t carried this parable of Gratefulness which later my eyes were opened to. “Carpe Diem”.

Be Grateful - Image is Subject to Copyright of its owners

As i heard in a Tv serial, which means “Seize the Moment” P.S. that’s the only word/thing i liked in that serial….LOL…..back to the point, (Hell, i got distracted pretty damn fast… yep, so as the words say “Seize the Moment”…… see, its just the present moment that we’ve got to be Grateful, okay at this point i was Grateful about that calculator/typewriter like-ish sound that my phone was making on tapping the keys,as my eye lids started drooping and i remembered of some Prose i studied years ago in Grade 9 & 10. Isn’t that just FAB, all of a sudden all of these coming back, that put me to thought, what if i had been “the usual fuzzy boy/man” ??? I don’t even know if i’d have cherished all of the sweetness, at this point it was 5 am on the 10th of December, this seemed more like a diary, the way is was going and i noticed how i placed it all in past tense and again went back to a FAB literature teacher called Mr. Rose we had back in school.

We can’t even imagine where Gratefulness can go

Remember, somethings in life can never be traded, like memories, we all have our own, like our personal diaries to look back, learn and cherish them……i noticed how my post was flying towards many many words.

Life, broken into moments as the "grates" - Image is subject to copyright of its owners

If you notice, “Gratefulness” can be broken up in two words “Grate” & “fullness”…..this reminded me of how we can Grate a carrot or cheese, when we do that, each piece then, as a result of that “grating” has an identity of its own, same as our lives, which when these “grates” of Each Moment of our lives are put  together makes it whole. So why not Live each bit of this Life’s moment “grate” with “fullness”, which someday we all will look back and see at before we leave this temporal presence. So, what are you grateful for, at this moment, what comes to your mind, i am Grateful right now for at least being alive…………..Gratefulness is like a river, the greatness and love of which can fill and quench the thirst of one’s heart.

You know, at times we all tend to get fuzzy, that’s human fuzziness at times…….when that happens (God forbid), just don’t forget to be Grateful, close and open your eyes then, feel the difference as things seem calmer, so does your heart :-). Begin that moment with a smile, Life may not always give a second chance, so just grab this very one, and change your life from this moment.

I watched as the night fleeted by - Image is subject to copyright of its owners

Well i kinda ended this post @ 5:15 am……yawwwwn…….Hope you liked this little journey of mine, i know, i know, i haven’t been upto blogging much lately these days because of stuff………..well…..stuff….LOL….Hope you like this post and please do let me know so by your loving comments below.

Clarity, Perception, Stress & other Mixtures in our Daily Lives

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Clarity, Perception & Stress (Image is Subject to Copyright of its owners) Well & the collage is mine ;D!

Another day in my life, struggling with sickness and the load of stuff that I had to do as the beginning of a new week came by, cold, minor food poisoning, breakdowns/metldowns, name it! God, it was like an Ordeal,………as I always say, “Each experience in Life, whether soft or hard comes with a learning for your growth ~ M. Faizan “…..well this had something new to teach.

I had to rush to a certain number many of places and that too each task with a time constraint…..woo hoo….now that’s quite a challenge. What I learnt was that, I had to stop taking any sort of stress/tension about all these tasks to complete, all I had to do is just focus on one of them , while not loosing focus on my health and the current task at hand.
I did hear a lot that “When you wish for something from your heart, the universe conspires it to give it you” well yeah, that’s exactly what happened, I was rushing between places and it so happened that I didn’t even had to wait for a single light, really! I was like “Whoa!” what’s happening, because usually when I rushed to multiple places I used to get ALL the lights on the way, I used to say “GEEZ Man! Why my at this time when I m gettin’ late….God!” and I started honking and trying to find a way out and God! That used to be nuts…..seriously!

Clearing your focus (Image may be subject to copyright of its owners)

I learnt that when you focus your mind towards one task at a time, your clarity increases substantially, your mind out of everything else, and aligning with your Heart and Soul, its beneficial for your body too, in reduces the stress levels, you are able to figure out alternative ways and solutions to achieve your task, your speed increases greatly, it reduces confusion and the mess that can happen, believe me, when I tried to rush with my mind in stress and a whole lot of things, I’ve had accidents, which is not good. Its like your mind clicks open, and wow, there’s a Rush of Calm and Peace, even if what you’re dealing with is a lot of work, and after those all minutes and moments of focus, when you’ll look at your achievement, you’ll see your beauty, creativity and light reflecting in that, making me understand, that

Clarity is such an important part of our lives, it’s like the windscreen of a car, if its blurred, unclear and etc. there are chances of the wrong things happening. Pertaining, our Perception. Its how we look at things that matter, if at that time I thought “This is a mess”….. I m quite sure it would’ve been an Ordeal for me to make it to all these places that too in perfect time, keeping your Calm active and running, and being centered even though so many things that happen around, that’s what matters.

Keeping your Perception focused at one goal at a time, putting your 110% into it, with all your heart & mind. The power of achievements that we have when we combine our hearts & minds is amazing.

Breathe......(May be subject to copyright)

Something that helps the most in times of stress…..Breathing…..close your eyes, only one long breath, with all your heart and soul, you’ll feel the energy around you, how in those seconds you breathe a million molecules and how your lungs convert them into oxygen, scientific, but now combine this with your Soul, you’ll feel a Deep immense energy running through you and energizing you.

The heart’s sound must always be active in us, which is Peace, and indeed it is 100% possible to achieve that Peace all 24 hours a day, I almost suffered a breakdown/meltdown this weekend, I was so stressed, and all it took was…………. just one opening drive to help me see what I was doing wrong, Indeed, Life’s Blessings comes from some of the most unexpected mediums.

We can multi-task, the power that we have to do things, its wonderful beyond words, so is our capability of achieving them and keeping up a positive attitude showers in the Love, Dedication and Sincerity in no matter what you do :).

Clarity........(Image may be subject to copyright)

When we take our Clarity and Perceptions to another level in combination with our Hard work, sincerity and dedication, we go beyond, we Love what we do, then the time that we spend doing, it doesn’t matter, nor do we take stress, as a result of which we are able to listen to what our body has to say, and step aside when our body sends the message. Like me, Hell i was writin’ this post yesterday, but then my eyes started drooping and the head started to spin i was like “whoa! that feels new……LOL”….i really mean the beginning something like that, and your mind continuously blinks “May Day! May Day!”…..hahahaha.

Well, that’s me :D! Very very human, with my own set of Awesomies and “GEEZERS!” in my daily life, with roller coasters, as i’d said in my post Challenges as we know Them I flow with the time, fighting against it is not the solution, this new De-stressing Wonderfully Awesome New Experience by the Graciousness of God has taught me a LOT more.

And as i’d written in a quote a long while ago and was reminded by someone who said the similar thing : Every moment is a new beginning, a new journey, observe the power of each moment and see your present mold your future ~ M. Faizan.

I Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading and commenting on my posts, i read each of them and its your Love, Enthusiasm & Response which makes me want to write a lot more……Another Thank You….with my hand on my heart.

People & Probabilities

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A few days ago, i was going through all the tweets that are posted on Twitter, i watched as the people whom i follow tweeted. Something suddenly stuck in my mind.

Felt quite new, but it was old & i thought about it after quite some time.

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As always an adventurous spirit, i love discovering new places, watching them, knowing more about them, as i saw the people go pass by me. That day I fell into the swirling motion of my thoughts starting with, how each person has a life, a story of their own, a journey they’ve been traveling through as long as they’ve lived their lives & will continue with it.


And how a simple greeting, a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey” could make you a part of that journey for those split moments creating a ripple effect. You might be forgotten by most, but some will remember you forever for those little moments. I know because i do remember some & wished that i’d got to know more about them, but no regrets, life is full of fascinating opportunities. So many………….. Probabilities.

By one simple greeting, the incentive to go ahead & communicate, so many destinies clash, meet & get to know each other. People greet, meet & then form relationships, some not so great & some so great & so special that become an integral part of your & their lives. Whether these relationships turn to be good or bad, we learn something from them, they change us, make us stronger, give us a new perspective of this life, helps us understand people in a better way, reveal to us the truth about this life, gives us so much experience & so many other things. The relationships may be friendship, partnership, soul mates, brothers and so many others

Well in my life i did make quite some friends this way, but the friendships were not so great, but i did make some really good friends here & online. And i sincerely Thank God for all of them.

Thoughts raced through my mind & continued, that what would have happened if i didn’t meet these friends who have & had made such a great impact in my life, i could have been so different, i would have never even know who they are. My mind rushed, i felt myself fascinated, shocked, amazed & shaken.

And then suddenly a sweet memory of a person with whom i formed a friendship a little while ago, calmed me down. She was demonstrating a product in a mall (in another country i’d visited), as i watched her demonstrate it, she gave me a smile, i was amazed & @_@ (confused)  that why she’d given a smile to a stranger & an unknown person ?? After she was done with her work, i told her a ‘Hi’ and talked to her, she told me that she smiled at me because she had seen me in the mall some months ago too. And in that long conversation i figured out that she was one of the most amazing, polite & kind people i’d ever met. We shared so much about each other & i was happy that our meeting formed into a good friendship. And it’d all began with her smile & me moving forward to say ‘Hi’.

An amazing experience which pushed me into a whirlwind of thoughts. I also thought that how each of us can make a difference in someone else’s life, make them feel happy, be a part of their lives, bring a change into their lives  & how they can even change you.

This was what happened with me, what about you ? Did any of you have a similar experience ? What do you think about this post ?  Let me know in the comments below, i’d love to know your opinions & thoughts :D!