The Flowers we forget to Pick

As usual my day oges and at the end of the day i was doing something……OKAY, i agree to it, was playing on my PS3, again :P. So, this time i was getting out of a town, where i am regularly in, the game, but this time i noticed that on the exit of the city, there’s always a flower, i collected amost all, but i didn’t notice this one, i was quite happy….Then again God inspired me.

God has created sunshine for us to see

This reminded me of how, God gives us signs, inspirations, ideas and so many lessons throughout our day, but at times people fail to notice them. I was going through a rough phase in the previous 2 weeks, that time none of this clicked my mind.
I then realized, it was so because all those days my heart and mind were closed, not that they were “closed” but it was i who didn’t let things get through them, see how God helped me to learn and notice that little thing in the game, i don’t think anything of this sort happened in those days…..

Why ? It was because my heart and mind were blocked by me and because of me letting all the chaos around get to me, i saw after that phase now that how many beautiful/wonderful things i missed.

These beautiful drops of wisdom, lessons and learning are always around us, but we see them when our souls, hearts, minds and our senses are open to it. I cherished the feeling of coming home and feeling warm after getting wet and driving in the rain, it just felt so beautiful to sit in my home,¬†in my bed and just breathe…..i almost had tears in my eyes.

Life’s moments are just too precious to be wasting doing things that your soul and your heart don’t agree to or being sad, or depressed or letting anything get to you, its in these moments i felt so full and felt them slowing down, i almost had tears in my ees and Thanks to God for filling my heart with gratefulness in that/those moments.
I felt how special it was to be in this body, to be present in this world, where God has given YOU the ability, honor and potential to make a difference and to be special, unique and wonderful in your own way.

The picture says everything

And most of all to DO and be GOOD. You have the power to do something nice today, doing something that just makes God happy, it can be doing something for the homeless guy down the street, something for your neighbour, maybe for a friend, or for a colleague, your loved one, or maybe just yourself, by giving yourself a good amount of rest and relaxation.

These for me are flowers in our life and daily which we just forget to pick at times, or sometimes people are so jammed up with doing things without any good reason and just being jammed busy and not taking out times for such wonderful things.

I say myself i am guilty of this, as you know, i too am just a human. But i can’t Thank God enough for making me realzie this. He has His own way of doing things, at times we just “don’t let ourselves” to see the light “In” the tunnel, the light which God has blessed in our hearts :).

Just think of this, if we keep picking such wonderful flowers everyday in our lives, don’t you think these will slowly become a bouquet, a small garden, an orchard then…….an orchard filled with the beauty of these gifts, eventually making our life, feel like a nature’s gift.

That’s what happends when you give, share or show kindness, its God way of showing us that we too are a part of this nature, this world, we, the people of this world are in it, together, you never know when sharing a smile with a kid across the street or sharing a kind word with someone may make an impact in someone’s life, the rewards of which God will give you returns for.

Share kindness, you never know which action of your’s God may love

I truly believe that “You reap what you sow” and “Sowing” is just not a one time action, you need to nurture it conitniously, give it love and feed it, we must sow these in our lives, because these are not flowers that will wither, but they will stay with us, in our souls, hearts and minds, till the day we die. But in order for these flowers to not wither, there’s only one condition.
Keep nurturing it, because they will replensish your soul, fill your heart and refresh your mind.

On this note, i wish you all my readers have had a most wonderful week and wishing you all a most lovely weekend ahead


Working your Heart’s Way


In the shadows for a while (Image is subject to the copyright of its owners)

Ooooh okay….i know, i know i’ve been “In the Shadows” for a while :P…..i had my readers asking me, that do i write blog posts anymore ? what’s happened to my blog ? WHY :O ?? LOL….and many other questions.

First of all, apologies to you lovely people, but i Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support and for hanging on, i am truly Grateful to God for all of you :))). Last 6-7 months, i’ve been through changes, rock crushing schedules, illnesses, ups and downs like “Man, this a Camel!!!”…and phew!!!

Well, this post was like a chain reaction to all the thinking that was goin’ on in my mind…….okay, i confess, i was thinking while devouring on some tasty Indian Alphonso Mangoes :P…….**Back to the point you distracted BOY!**….okay…**deep breath** ūüėõ …well, with the new things coming up, i joined Empire Avenue on Friday evening….loved the response there and Thanks to God for a friend i realized some new things. So, with Empire Avenue, i have been thinking of making a **Come Back :D!** on Social Media….that’s when….my mind & heart were like “Waaaaiiiiittttttt :D!”…it was like “Spot on” to the thought that was going on in my mind :D! I said, YES!

I was thinking about various things of how should i slowly and gradually step back into Social Media without letting it interfere in my life’s activities……well, God gave me that idea and it was something i realized i am always doing, but you know how you feel when you “Realize” that :).

The Way you Love, will be the way that seems the most beautiful to you.

For me, Thank God, there hasn’t been something like “a way” or “the way” for me when it comes to doing thngs, i always believe in that if there are certain guidelines to doing something, following those, i do things the way i like or to say in a way that comes to my soul & heart, something that resonates with them :).

Things settled, my mind calmed, i breathed deeply, looked around…..and i thought “Wow! Now that’s Clear!”, feeling that shiver which runs through your spine, i said, “Yeah, that’s what i’m gonna do.”

I realized that, that’s the thing which comes in when following/doing things that resonate with your soul and heart. There’s that sudden blast of peace and calm that runs through, with the silence that comes with it… feel you know the way and, you’re ready for action like “HELLS Yeah :D!”
That’s the point when i thought, why shouldn’t all of us do that when it comes to work, running an errand, doing something that people find monotonous, but YOU…..yes, YOU can do it!

Aaaaaand then memories popped in one after the other……That was one of the first lessons i learnt, How ?
Whenever we went for a vacation to Dubai as a family, it was my duty to do the dishes…..and since then i was very enthusiastic and energetic about, i loved it, still do and i really Thank God for that…..that was the time when it first hit my mind that doing things by the way that God has guided your soul/heart, there’s no doubt that you’ll fall in love doing that.

I had a had a bunch of posts which were in draft….still do, but it wasn’t that energetic for me to get up and write it…and well i lacked time, still do, but i thought, “I’ll make the best out of this!”

The Soul & Heart’s Joy, that’s a combined effort, that’s when that happiness is powerful enough to generate that much energy from within you, that you don’t get up, but you “ZOOM”, with a smile across your face when you do that.
There’s that sense of curiosity blooming within you, like that of a child, not only that, but start enjoying the journey/path to your destination, because you know, you’ve fallen in love and you are loving what you do, its because of “How” you are doing.

At times people do things a certain way and they “seem” bored and they “think” that what they are doing is boring….STOP right there, what if that what you’re doing, you are not doing “YOUR” way…so why not add something that spices it up a bit.
Well, i’ll give an example of myself, at times i have to write many theories and theoretical notes, usually i see other students are bored or they get bored and feel lethargic when it comes to writing those notes, Thanks to God i’m not like that, i LOVE writing notes…….Why ? I write them in a very stylish way that it makes fun for me, not only to write it, but also if someone reads it, they’d enjoy it too. And well, i’ve seen some others, they use different color inks according to the importance of the subject.

A little of what i write

And then, there’s simply the love of doing what you love, no matter how many times you do it, you always want to do it… know what, its not late to “Add” that love in the other things that which you might be doing and you find them boring.

Life and everything in it, is an Adventure, the more you spend each moment loving what you do, you’ll cherish those moments over the years to come. Not only that, you’ll see that love, and all the dedication, hard work, compassion that you’ve put into it by that love, Reflected in no matter what it is you do. There will be “Your” perfection that comes to it.

Ending this post with its final message.

So you know what, trying doing something that you do everyday, this time in a different way, where you feel all of that, when you feel that rush within you to get it done, not because you want to get rid of it, because you love doing it, because you enjoy it, because it is an extension, a part of YOU that you add in to whatever you do.

And then slowly, let that bloom and crawl into all of your life’s activities, then no matter what it is you wanna you do…’ll be like “HELLS Yeah :D!”

Coming to the end of this post **breathin’ deeply**…..YAYHOOO….i actually did this :D! Published a post after 6 months and 19 days….Thank God :D! And my lovely readers ‘n’ subscribers, Thank you, once again…..Never hesitate sharing your love via your amazing comments, likes, responses, retweets and much :).
Wishing you all and all your loved ones a most wonderful new week with many many blessings & best wishes :D!

Gratefulness, and all that it means

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Moonlight in window - Image is subject to copyright of its owners

A sleepless night, sitting on my bed, having chocolate, under the moonlight. Usually i tend to get pretty fuzzy when i am not able to sleep or if i don’t get sleep. This night, well it was maybe something else. I sat, stood, moved around, had something…..i felt blessed, although i was not able to sleep and i was having a “head-banging” headache, nothing stopped me for sitting under the moonlight and admiring God’s created Nature. At times, how we do forget to look around and apppreciate our blessings, even though we have so many, we tend to turn blind and blind folded by something called “Ungratefulness” as “Gratefulness” is a parent of virtues, the exact vice-versa goes for “Ungratefulness”, its when people become “ungrateful”, we disregard, forget and appreciate all that we have and have had. I Thank God for keeping me away from that and making me realize that Hey, if He didn’t want it, i wouldn’t be awake this night writing this post laying on my bed w/o even looking at my laptop

If He didn’t want, i wouldn’t even be on this bed……aaaand thats just the beginning… many times in a day we just stop everything, look around, realize and Thank & be Grateful for all that we have, when do we pause and say “Hey God, sorry for being a jacka** and for any of my actions that may have saddened you, and Thank you for everything” and you smile from your heart and continue with what you were doing. Remember folks, Life is just too damn short, so live each moment, with the magical seed of Gratefulness in your heart, nurture and care for it, by remembering it, which will just make you realize, that just how beautiful really is life. While writing this i did get reminded of my kind Dreamer friend Deanna……and also the friend i met in the mall cc. my post “People and Probabilities“. Could this all ever have been poossible if i hadn’t carried this parable of Gratefulness which later my eyes were opened to. “Carpe Diem”.

Be Grateful - Image is Subject to Copyright of its owners

As i heard in a Tv serial, which means “Seize the Moment” P.S. that’s the only word/thing i liked in that serial….LOL…..back to the point, (Hell, i got distracted pretty damn fast… yep, so as the words say “Seize the Moment”…… see, its just the present moment that we’ve got to be Grateful, okay at this point i was Grateful about that calculator/typewriter like-ish sound that my phone was making on tapping the keys,as my eye lids started drooping and i remembered of some Prose i studied years ago in Grade 9 & 10. Isn’t that just FAB, all of a sudden all of these coming back, that put me to thought, what if i had been “the usual fuzzy boy/man” ??? I don’t even know if i’d have cherished all of the sweetness, at this point it was 5 am on the 10th of December, this seemed more like a diary, the way is was going and i noticed how i placed it all in past tense and again went back to a FAB literature teacher called Mr. Rose we had back in school.

We can’t even imagine where Gratefulness can go

Remember, somethings in life can never be traded, like memories, we all have our own, like our personal diaries to look back, learn and cherish them……i noticed how my post was flying towards many many words.

Life, broken into moments as the "grates" - Image is subject to copyright of its owners

If you notice, “Gratefulness” can be broken up in two words “Grate” & “fullness”…..this reminded me of how we can Grate a carrot or cheese, when we do that, each piece then, as a result of that “grating” has an identity of its own, same as our lives, which when these “grates” of Each Moment of our lives are put¬† together makes it whole. So why not Live each bit of this Life’s moment “grate” with “fullness”, which someday we all will look back and see at before we leave this temporal presence. So, what are you grateful for, at this moment, what comes to your mind, i am Grateful right now for at least being alive…………..Gratefulness is like a river, the greatness and love of which can fill and quench the thirst of one’s heart.

You know, at times we¬†all tend to get fuzzy, that’s human fuzziness at times…….when that happens (God forbid), just don’t forget to be Grateful, close and open your eyes then, feel the difference as things seem calmer, so does your heart :-). Begin that moment with a smile, Life may not always give a second chance, so just grab this very one, and change your life from this moment.

I watched as the night fleeted by - Image is subject to copyright of its owners

Well i kinda ended this post @ 5:15 am……yawwwwn…….Hope you liked this little journey of mine, i know, i know, i haven’t been upto blogging much lately these days because of stuff………..well…..stuff….LOL….Hope you like this post and please do let me know so by your loving comments below.

Weekend Chewbies

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Well, its weekend and I m off ‘work’ for a while, and its during these times I end up doing lots of crazy things, by crazy I mean something that don’t make sense at all. I’d written a quote of my own : An idle mind is not a devil’s workshop, but its his industry. You can explain I was able to chalk it up to a small scale industry ;D!!! Now this is what ran through my mind.

I lazed out like I’ve not slept, yeah bcoz on the Friday night till 3:15am I was lolling around Social Media and watching the game trailer for Batman : Arkham City, that was better, there are much worse things to do than that, like counting sheep ;D! And I peacefully woke up at 10:30 am this morning and THANK GOD the “Mornin’ Crow Alarm” didn’t arrive at my window at 5:13 am in the morning, and the only alarm on the whole planet that wakes me up at 5 am.

I somehow looked like this. Found via Google Search (Image is subject to the copyright of its owners)

Once I’d woken up early, I’d got dark circles under my eyes, due to insomnia. I looked like zombie with my hair all dredged up and making horn like shapes, so I stood behind the curtain of my window with a stick “Let that ‘kawing’ creature come, I m gonna scare his feathers off”

One of my very favorite things being growing a slight weirdly unkempt beard, with a frown like that of a true honor justice cop, yeah, at times I love to feel and be like a shady character, it amaAAAAzing to see people giving you the weird look, which they don’t normally do when you appear to be normal‚Ķ…hee hee. WoW!!!

Me in the Batman Cowl - Age - 5yrs

I did feel like a ninja Batman‚Ķ‚Ķ…ooh Batman’s a trained ninja, so pretty well ;D!!! They feel you’re weird, not only weird, I mean Willy Wonka weird, I never knew changing my look at bit would cause that kinda reaction, one of my friends ended up asking,” did your girlfriend run away or something or she ditched you ?”, I said “wha?? I don’t have one yet” phew!!! And I thought my mind was the devil’s industry.

I can't believe i had such fears....LOL!! Found via Google Search (Image is subject to the copyright of its owners)

Clowns‚Ķ…by clowns I got reminded of a Coulrophobia or fear of clowns which I had when I was between 5 & 7, I could give the credit of it to a Tv serial which showed a murder clown with magical powers & stuff and couldn’t be killed so easily, he used Voodoo and everythin’ else and a bunch of 7 morons who knew how to kill him, God, it scared the hair of my scalp.¬†And in Dubai, where I spent the greater part of my childhood, there was an automated clown in a mall which started laughing when you went near it, I was scared, whenever I wanted to pass through the alleys I would go around that thing, as a fact that mall had 2 automated clowns, the other the climbed up and down a rope from the top to lower level of the mall and this one’s still there. A Major CROWNIES!!!! these people are so stinkingly nostalgic.¬†I used to day dream of the clown attacking the mall folks and me being the hero and saving the damsels in distress, Thanks to God i found better career options :P!!!

When I was 17, well I was & still am a fan of comic book characters, I tried sporting a goatee like that of Green Arrow :D!!! And that too I’d done it myself, I was so proud and then as my Mom sees me “You look 30 or something!!! Get it off or a young lady might just end up calling you ‘Uncle’ ” I had that weird “Wha ???” look on my face because I’d thought that looked cool ;D!!!.¬†Well so there it was for a single night.

And finally i started my Playstation 3 after almost 6 months, had probs. with it & work stuff mainly and a scene while replaying of one of my favorite games Uncharted 2 put me into a series of amazing & incredible thoughts which i may put up in a blog post.

I introduced myself to you amazing folks as a daydreamer, hope you enjoyed this little journey of my mind from the way i see the world from my inner childish self. And i also recommend that always feel and also be the child inside of you, it makes you really very happy, you’ll always be your 100% self, motivated, inspired, enthusiastic, excited and happy to learn something more or the other out of all the experiences and you can Love to your heart’s best when you Love like a child.

Concluding with one of my quotes : Love like a child, from your heart, beautifully, blissfully, honestly, truly, fearlessly, selflessly and endlessly ~ M. Faizan

P.S. Everything that i’ve written here is the truth and has been a part of my life :D!!!

Thank you So much to all of you for inspiring me to write more :D!!!

My Metallic Horse (Vehicles & Memories) – Part-II

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** My¬†amazing, loving & great regular readers do know about the first part of my journey with my new metallic horse in the first part. For those of my precious, treasured & prized new readers, who are new to this blog or haven’t read the first part, here’s the link to it : My Metallic Horse (Vehicles & Memories) – Part-I & My previous post Sunshine & Smiles **

Then after those 4 lovely days something happened, while driving her, she suddenly shut down, at first i thought may just be something normal, but i had the little feeling & pinch in my heart that something was not right with her. Then she shut down quite a few times, then one day while driving on a busy road, she shut down, luckily being in a corner lane saved my life, i tried switching her on again & again, but my attempts kept failing. Then on a final hit of the quick start she roared again, i left for home with a heavy & broken heart.

“This shouldn’t be happening to her, its just 4 days she is with me & i took the best care of her” said my mind. I gave a roundhouse kick to these thoughts & said to myself, ” That must just be something normal, don’t take it to the mechanic, be positive” Removing the bad feeling of loosing her from my heart, i started driving her again normally, i felt her engine purring calmly at a speed of 40 , but giving her a throttle gave out a roar louder than before. Then started train of ¬†the chain reactions of shut downs, she shut down 2-4 ¬†times in a day.

My love & pain for her transformed into my frustration, anger & fury. I took her back to the place where i had purchased her from, one of the mechanics took her for a drive & said everything was normal, i should see for a day or two more. The first day itself she shut down 2 times but still i hesitated to take her to the mechanic, her engine was new, i didn’t want it to be opened up, so i waited another day, this time she shut down 3 more times, i told myself, “That’s it”. Next morning out for a little ride, she shut down again on a turning with a double decker bus behind me, I was able to start her again immediately & then drove her back to the mechanic.

After a check & waiting for 5 hours, i got her back, the mechanic assured that it wouldn’t happen again, haha… readers probably have the idea ;). Yes it did shut down again, this time i went up to the supervisor & told him how angry i was & i’d got a vehicle with a fault. He told me that there were some more of them with the same problem. I told him that i wanted my problem to be solved right then. He personally called his mechanic & got the job done in an hour. I watched as each of the screws were removed to expose her engine, i really didn’t want her engine to be opened up but that was the only way.

I watched as each screw was slowly removed, a pinch ran through my spine, but then all of a sudden the pain turned into curiosity :)!!! I was excited to see her engine from the inside, how it worked, what did the throttle do so she roared so loud :), in that instant i was transformed into a little child curious to find out what goes on inside the fancy little toy of his, his heart jumping up & down, the sense of excitement & the fear of loosing the toy :D. I watched as the checked the parts of the engine with their ‘equipments’, a fault was found in the adapter, so it was changed.

And then again, the problem continued, i felt a volcano brewing inside of me, my love for her and the pain felt on thoughts of loosing her combined the anger and fury that i’d been given a faulty vehicle, felt like a cocktail of emotions. And when she shut down while i drove her, that was enough for me to spoil my day. I loved her and she was one of my most prized¬†possessions. Even though I knew her fault, but my pride in her and the power i felt when i held her reins, made me forget about it, no matter how heart breaking it was. How can you leave the hand of something you love so much at times when they’re in trouble, in such times, you always want to be there for them and u never leave them.

At that moment i felt, i was being taught a lesson, although i knew its importance, it was just giving me the realization again, by putting me into a deeper feeling, that how really important it was to be there for your friends when they need you, its not that when they’re no more of use that you must leave them, No! That’s the time when you should be there, love them & support them.

With this same spirit, i continued driving her. My mood changes and irritation was quite visible to the people at home, and then when an¬†aggressive one came to know the reason, and that my peaceful approaches to the dealer weren’t working (i really don’t like to shout & create a mess and i didn’t want that some of his customers would run away because of it), that person fired the dealers in such a shocking manner on the phone that i was shaken out my seat!! They themselves called the next time to inform when the engineers from the company were coming!!

Yeps, and that was it! 4th time at the dealers garage!! The engineers from the company informed that they have to increase the power adjustment of the engine & the petrol cap was to be changed as at some moments the combustion of petrol & its evaporation caused the engine to stop.

The adjustments were done by the dealer as ordered by the company, and then I started her engine again ūüôā I felt a new power in her, my excitement and my throttle happy palm aligned with the new power of her engine. She felt so perfect :). A new beginning, a new road, and a journey full of excitement up ahead of me, without anymore trouble, taking a deep breath filled with happiness & hope and feeling her great power I zoomed with a woo hoo :D!!!

Here’s my experience with the first vehicle of a new type, and that’s how i feel about her :). My Shiny Black Metallic Horse :)!!

Did any of you had/has/have a similar attachment to their vehicle, or perhaps a memory of their beloved vehicle and how did/do they feel about it ?? I’d love to know about it :D! . I hope you like and enjoyed this experience of mine and i would love you to share your thoughts, ideas or opinions about it in the comments.

My Metallic Horse (Vehicles & Memories) – Part-I

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It had been months i waited to get one of my own, wasn’t able to get it because i was on a vacation. Finally after months of waiting i had one of my own. Some people around me suggested that i should go for a Red one, but she wasn’t the one i always dreamed about. I finally decided and made a choice of what i loved, i bought a Metallic Black one, the one whom i would be able to fall in love with.

And after 14 days of waiting after the payment & the paper work, there she was, my Metallic Black colored 125cc scooter. I waited for her days & nights, thinking & day dreaming about feeling the wind rushing around me while driving it, that incredible power of its engine under my seat & so much more :D!

Now i finally had it, something new & so different that i’d never driven before (except when i had to train in the driving school). There she was, i rotated her throttle for the first time, i heard the engine give out a timid little voice, but i knew, when i wanted her to, she could roar loud enough for everyone on the road to hear her. Her seat was specially designed by the dealers who sold it, i never knew how but they knew what colors & designs i would like, they designed it in the shape of a flame with red & silver colors, and was almost of the same design of my helmet.

At first my fists tightly clenched her reins, i had an uncomfortable feeling of riding her, at times i found her out of my very control, i wasn’t able to understand, why wasn’t i able to ride her well, although i loved her so much. Then a lightning strike of a thought raced through my mind, a trip down the memory lane of ¬†an old Anime i watched as a kid, in an episode of which, a warrior learns to handle a legendary sword, but in order to master it, his master tells him to be one with the sword, feel it as an extension of himself, feel its power, its sharpness, its control.

CLICK!! That was it! I took her for a drive again, repeated the thought in my head, and Wow!! silly but unbelievable, i didn’t need to take control of her like a dictator, but just feel her strength & power under those fists of mine. That incredible feeling of feeling one with her, my fists holding her reins as lightly as possible, no stress or tension developing while riding her and i was so much more comfortable

For 3 days i was the night rider, testing her power, speed & control and also my skills when i rode her. The feeling was incredible. I had the feeling which Batman must’ve had when he first rode his Batpod, or The Ghost Rider when he discovered the power of his new bike. I was (& i am) in love with her, i had the feeling of being so attached to something like this was with my Dad’s first car, i loved it so much, it was Metallic Polo Green, i missed the times we had in that car :),,,,but after 8 years of attachment & love, Dad had put it out for sale, i was out in another country when i heard the sad news, loved his new car too, but always carried those fond memories of the old one.

I felt the temperature of her engine increase after i drove her, gave me the feeling of the hind & strong legs of the horse and how hot they became after a long ride. The power to swiftly maneuver her through the busy streets, zig zagging through the lanes & cars. Learning to shift my weight & to turn on the curves brought me the flashbacks  of playing Superbike games as a child on my Pc, some of my favorite drivers being Valentino Rossi & Vladimir Karban.

But then one day suddenly something happened and after that a chain of them & my troubles with her…….to be continued in My Metallic Horse (Vehicles & Memories) – Part ¬†II

People & Probabilities

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A few days ago, i was going through all the tweets that are posted on Twitter, i watched as the people whom i follow tweeted. Something suddenly stuck in my mind.

Felt quite new, but it was old & i thought about it after quite some time.

© Image is subject to the copyright of its owners

As always an adventurous spirit, i love discovering new places, watching them, knowing more about them, as i saw the people go pass by me. That day I fell into the swirling motion of my thoughts starting with, how each person has a life, a story of their own, a journey they’ve been traveling through as long as they’ve lived their lives & will continue with it.


And how a simple greeting, a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey” could make you a part of that journey for those split moments creating a ripple effect. You might be forgotten by most, but some will remember you forever for those little moments. I know because i do remember some & wished that i’d got to know more about them, but no regrets, life is full of fascinating opportunities. So many…………..¬†Probabilities.

By one simple greeting, the incentive to go ahead & communicate, so many destinies clash, meet & get to know each other. People greet, meet & then form relationships, some not so great & some so great & so special that become an integral part of your & their lives. Whether these relationships turn to be good or bad, we learn something from them, they change us, make us stronger, give us a new perspective of this life, helps us understand people in a better way, reveal to us the truth about this life, gives us so much experience & so many other things. The relationships may be friendship, partnership, soul mates, brothers and so many others

Well in my life i did make quite some friends this way, but the friendships were not so great, but i did make some really good friends here & online. And i sincerely Thank God for all of them.

Thoughts raced through my mind & continued, that what would have happened if i didn’t meet these friends who have & had made such a great impact in my life, i could have been so different, i would have never even know who they are. My mind rushed, i felt myself fascinated, shocked, amazed & shaken.

And then suddenly a sweet memory of a person with whom i formed a friendship a little while ago, calmed me down. She was demonstrating a product in a mall (in another country i’d visited), as i watched her demonstrate it, she gave me a smile, i was amazed & @_@ (confused) ¬†that why she’d given a smile to a stranger & an unknown person ?? After she was done with her work, i told her a ‘Hi’ and talked to her, she told me that she smiled at me because she had seen me in the mall some months ago too. And in that long conversation i figured out that she was one of the most amazing, polite & kind people i’d ever met. We shared so much about each other & i was happy that our meeting formed into a good friendship. And it’d all began with her smile & me moving forward to say ‘Hi’.

An amazing experience which pushed me into a whirlwind of thoughts. I also thought that how each of us can make a difference in someone else’s life, make them feel happy, be a part of their lives, bring a change into their lives ¬†& how they can even change you.

This was what happened with me, what about you ? Did any of you have a similar experience ? What do you think about this post ? ¬†Let me know in the comments below, i’d love to know your opinions & thoughts :D!