Anger, Lone Ventures and Driving…….from one end to the other

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An Awesome Start to day (Image is subject to the copyright of its owners)

Well ……you know what….It was last weekend Weekend 😀 😀 :D!!! YAY!!!!! An Awesome start i had to a Thundering Saturday…..i was like wooohoooo, still had, i saw the shining bright sun bring the new day, as the monsoon clouds retreated and went away back to their humble abode, finding a new destiny, i know they’ll be back, same time the next year. Theeere i go poetic :P.

And you know, there are times when things happen…..well Anger is not me, this Saturday took a U turn, suddenly things happened and my day felt like “Wha???”, while holding on to the Awesomeness of the day :). I tend to get angry when my Awesome day starts running towards “OMG! i want this day to pass real fast”…..

Felt angry at that moment (Image is subject to copyright of its owners)

Felt angry at that moment (Image is subject to copyright of its owners)

I don’t know how, and i didn’t remember also but i held onto this saying of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) : “A strong person is not the person who throws his adversaries to the ground. A strong person is he who contains himself when he is angry.”

“Geez! what’s happening to my day”, another thought ran through my mind, “Its the weekend, this isn’t supposed to be happening!”

I do stuff at times when i m angry…..okay i mean ……Stuff…..LoL…here’s a small list of what i do :-

1) Sit if am standing, sleep if am sitting
2) Take a Long sleepers
3) Start watching something (movie, Tv, etc.)
4) Pray
5) Take some real long deep breathers
6) Talk to a friend
7) Write
8 ) Drive professionally… racer self is into action, but not causing probs. to anyone at all 8)
9) Indulge in Creativity 🙂
10) Give up a some cash i have in pocket to charity…..that can go crazy at times, it helps me calm but 😛

I drove past the bay as i breathed the smell of the ocean (Image is subject to the copyright of its owners)

This time, something different happened, i took the keys to my Nicey scooter, prayed for a while, had tears in my eyes……Okay, let me tell you, people say, for them, one of the difficult things at times about being a man is crying, but i wasn’t nor am nor will be in those perceptions of others as the Soul we hold within is from God, so i let tears flow, which made me calm :). I looked at a cafe and my mind whispered “cafe” “cafe” I told myself “Next time ;D” and planned to Get Lost, yes Get Lost on purpose i planned on discovering new roads in the city, i’d done that once before when i was out of focus, but couldn’t drive much because it was very late at night, but i’d promised myself i’d be back that place and continue to see where the road leads, No Maps, no GPS, nothing!…….well i drove, I drove to the end of the city City, Literally the place where the city ends and the only way you can get ahead is by a floating…….i mean its an ocean………it was a wonderful feeling.
I saw a beautiful little Church on the way before that, i was like “God! haven’t ever seen that one!… was actual an Uphill road via a bay where the city ended. I’d learnt to assess the energy from my anger by putting it into something else, something beautiful, i Thank God for my sister, who let me know more about it.

I was humming a line from a song “The roads feel lovelier than the destination….” that was amazing.

The road felt almost the same as this. (Image is subject to copyright of its owners)

I stopped humming the song as i saw the thick trees across the road, blended their beautiful scent in the afternoon breeze, i took a big refreshing breath……..still not knowing where i was headed :).

I let my spirit wander……i knew, wherever i went, my heart would direct me home.

Okay, first thing if you wanna get lost, have a full tank of gas, i had! I came to junction, i had been there before, a long while ago, gosh!…..having a choice where to go, i asked a driver for direction to my home, i just drove away from it to find a longer route to be back ;D! I kept driving straight and i discovered some beautiful places, . I came across a pretty many HSBC bank branches, im like “man they’re everywhere” ….one of ’em reminded me….”oooh! I can call my relationship manager in the other Bank, she’d know some fool who could help me out if m lost :D!…LOL” My mobile was on Silent mode and i knew calling anyone wouldn’t be any use…coz many of them i knew didn’t even dread to go to those roads because there were shorter routes :P…i took a left ahead and after a little while another left. Guess what! I am back at the same junction…im like “Geezerzz!! i m back here….hahaha”

I drove, drove, drove and drove, God knows how many kilometers, finally i come to this Gianormous Road! NO two wheeler’s where there…. and Huge SUV zzzzzzoooomed! past me…i was like **gulps**…where the hell am i 😀 😀 😀 ???”….i noticed a Muslim shrine far across, i knew people talking about going there, i’d been near that place only once as a child with my parents… was beautiful sight……finally! i came to the road where a close friend lives..,..”hahaha this fool doesn’t even know i m here”….noticed the coffee shop where he usually had coffee with his girlfriend…..he was out of the city then ;D!…..took up another junction of Getting Lost…LOL!!!….but now it was BRIGHT afternoon, the sun shining at its highest, you can’t really drive much on a Two-wheeler with that kinda Sun smiling upon you..LoL………i chose the way home.

SEE!!! There wasn’t anger, sweet warm feelings, wonderful memories and nothing else… had all disappeared….i came home taking a deep breath and laughing at myself, i had been through roads only surrounded by trees and the afternoon breeze, i had heard insects creaking in the bright sunlight, all the magic engulfed into me, i watched tall buildings and drove UP the hilly roads…..and down them….smelled the fresh sea as i drove by the 2 bays, both at different corners of the city. A time memorable indeed :).

Anger is a natural emotion, its when we experience it, we must hold our tongue and actions, think, observe and understand what it is, or just feel the anger, and put it into something beautiful, or do nothing at all, as one of the things i do, just going to bed for a few minutes, or taking a good shower, that helps, because at that time you start focusing on yourself, at times in anger we don’t focus on ourselves, in those moments we should smile and appreciate ourselves, do what we Love and let it vanish in your Love for ourselves.

Thank you so much for taking out your precious time for reading this and commenting on here, i’d Love to know what you like to do or do when you’re angry :). Wishing you all a wonderful new week ahead :D!


The Legacy of the Doctor : Feat. a Favorite Tv Show – Doctor Who

The Doctor Who Title - Image source : Google Search (Image is Subject to the Copyright of its Owners)

Just one of these sick days that i m going through, i remembered some episodes of Doctor Who a Science Fiction Tv show, well, memories & fun as my mind plunged into thoughts. In the recent Season of Doctor Who featuring a new or as fans know the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith. At first in a doubt as he was stepping into the shoes of a most honored show which began in 1963 and is still going on (Believe me!) and great character played by 10 excellent actors before him.
Undoubtedly, Matt being the youngest actor ever who’s played the role of the Doctor, won the hearts of the fans by his charm.

A little background into The Doctor :- He’s a 900year old Time Traveler (humanoid species known as Time Lord) from the planet Gallifrey who has spent his time traveling the universe in his Time Traveling machine : The TARDIS and protecting Planet Earth and its inhabitants. Wisdom, wittiness, strong will, compassion, kindness, intelligence just being a few of his traits. A man of Peace, he is always a child from within.

Matt Smith as The Doctor : Image is subject to the Copyright of its owners

And that role was perfectly played by Matt Smith. We saw moments of fun where he dips fish fingers into custard and moments where he uses his much needed intelligence and wisdom. And even at places proving that although having a younger body, his wisdom is that of a 900year old man, and the expressions, the dialogue delivery and acting by Matt, i must say, i m truly stunned. After the amazing impression the Tenth Doctor (David Tenant) had left in the minds of fans, i thought it would be very difficult for someone to take his place, but Matt handled it, Amazingly.

Two traits which i found most remarkable about The Doctor are him always being the child he is within and his Fearlessness. No matter the how big the challenge would’ve been, with these as a combination and keeping that witty and silly smile of his, he always finds a way out of any unexpected situation he has thwarted into. It really makes me smile to see those moments and have been really fascinated by them.

I find that real for Life too.

One of things i enjoy is learning more about a character, understanding its traits and Wow! i must say people know how to make them so inspiring. I am indeed inspired by the character of The Doctor. So those moments of wonder and fun watching this incredible show are indeed good.

Indeed being a child at heart is a most wonderful thing about life, the portrayal of The Doctor shows it how.  Being a man of Peace The Doctor never uses a weapon, but relies on his Love, wisdom, intelligence, fearlessness, his other amazing traits and his little Sonic Screwdriver [More in the Infographic below], by which he indeed leaves a wonderful impression on those who he has always helped, they remember him for his child like kindness and innocence and his empowering wisdom. Even at the most unexpected and shocking things thrown at him, he breezes through them with a smile which = Positive Attitude and about which i am sure is the solution to all the problems :D!

The story of The Doctor tells us that how much in a life time even after going through so much, we should & must always be the Child within us, Smile and Always be Shiny Positive, that’s when we find a true way out. Always being Excited, Enthusiastic, Crazy, Fun Loving, Joyful and Loving about whatever and however we do it. That things happen in life, and also they come and go, Life is all about Enjoying and living it to the best and Happiest in each of the moments. In the episode “Big Bang” when The Doctor is ready and is sacrificing himself and has barely any hopes of coming back, even in that Bleak moment, he’s shown to have hope, that ray of light within his heart that he will be out of it and he will come back and guess what, he does. This tells us how important Hope is in our lives, even though at times by the circumstances it may “seem” that there is none.

I like to get some great/good inspiration from some amazing things that i watch/read and it is indeed wonderful an amazing :D!

I hope you all enjoyed this little post, still been very busy and having a cold, hoping to be back at the soonest :). Thank You so much for taking out your time to read it and comment here, i end my post with an Amazing Infographic by  Bob Canada . Do let me know what you think about it in the comments below :).

The Doctor Who Infographic by Bob Canada (Click to see larger image) (Image is subject to copyright of its owners)

Challenges as we know them.

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Challenges give a New Meaning (Image found via Google)

Challenges…….what are they ? I kept on thinking as i saw many new things entering my life, and after going through a lot of things that went by and as i stood in a new view of clarity.

When we bring out the word “Challenge” usually its taken as something which is tough, something for which you need to put on your game face on and ram it with everything you have….BAM! So it was for me too a while ago, as i heard the word “Challenge” i tightened myself up and words came to my mind “Its Showtime!” or “Im gonna take this down!”

But i realized its not always so.

Recently, since i have been back to my normal, busy and at times really exhausting schedule, i felt things around me taking me to a wonderful ride. As things changed, because i was off for a month and before this break i had, my schedule was different and this what came forward to me being relatively new, i am all excited about it, yet, as it has started and i am implementing it. At times i’ve seen people say, “We don’t get time”….i’ve always wanted to say them, my friend, “We all have the same time, its what we do in that much amount of time and how we do it really matters. One thing i learnt in life, the moment you stop giving excuses, Your Life will go for an amazing change!

I saw myself falling into this new time constraint, things started tightening around, many many things to handle together, although i efficiently did a lot of things and had started to juggle some and ignore some, and my focus went out of track for a short while….wham!!! A new Challenge……..Take a break! STOP! i had to say to myself.

Work on yourself and see your capabilities soar (Image found via Google)

What’s going on ??? What i realized was that i had to start focusing more on myself rather than the things i’ve gotta do, the more i build up and grow myself, the more the things i do will be done in a much better manner, i had to build a foundation, i had to be efficient, sharp, awesome, time bound, tactical, precise and strong. Focusing on each of the qualities one by one wasn’t the trick, i had to be clear, i had to be myself. Things happen in life due to which you get clouded, in these times, hold on to what you are and your true capabilities, the cloud passes away, always.

I saw that i didn’t have to fight the Challenge and win against it, but i had to flow with it. A wise man once said, surrendering at times is also the strongest thing to do. We can’t fight time or stop it, we must all flow with it, and make the best of what we have with us.

Life presents us with challenges at many many different levels, the amazing thing about challenges is that they are different, and each time when we face those different challenges we are in a different state of mind. They become like a stepping stone for growth for us. It puts us into this new state of mind/consciousness. Presenting us with moments of transformation & realization. Ways and ideas to go around, its like a new state of our minds, where our creativity and the potentials of our minds are released in this new way as new thoughts & ideas start pouring in.

What i learn’t after a few failures was that always Winning the Challenge isn’t important, what matters is how you dealt with it, what you learnt from it and how it helped you to grow, how it helped you to become better, bring out your true self, take you to another level, make your realize your true potential.

We all have the True capability of overcoming our Challenges (Image found via Google)

That’s the true meaning of Overcoming a Challenge.

What surprised me is the thought that some people are afraid of challenges, they dwell in this fear and limit their life to an extent where everything they are is undermined and so are they, due to which they are unable to harness the best out of themselves. That’s the worst thing to do, don’t ever do that, each Challenge is beautiful and has something to teach.

Some challenges might put you in a state of difficulty, or in a tight spot. But its during those times that focusing on yourself and the situation around you really matters, there’s always a way out, what matters is the Will. If there isn’t a way, then make one, but do your best, so that even if God forbid failure touches you, it will actually be a victory for you, you’ll know your true capacity, the limitlessness and the capabilities that you have.

They can be expected or unexpected, what matters is how we deal with those challenges, they can arise from anywhere, At work, with family, in our daily lives for eg. having problems with your vehicle and you’ve gotta make it somewhere and many of them.

Challenges, like pieces of a puzzle (Image found via Google)

Challenges are like an unknown puzzle, each time when we find a new piece and join it with the puzzle of our life, something new is revealed to us, something which we hadn’t seen, felt or understood before. Challenges not only create new perceptions till they last, but they also give us the idea to look through those perceptions later.

In all, Challenges are a phase in our lives, they push us to our maximum. They are beautiful as they bring out the best in us, so go on, never be afraid of Challenge, give it your best and all that you have, have a lot of fun in the process & most of all Enjoy :D!

I hope you all enjoy this post :D! We all have Challenges in our lives, i shared one of my own, what have your challenges been ? how has it been able to inspire you & help you to learn more, would Love to hear from all of you :D! A heartfelt gratitude to all for taking out your time to read my post and comment here :D!.

A Break to a Journey of Discoveries III of III

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A Long Road Ahead and The Journey Continues. (Image found via Google Search)

(This is the 3rd part of this post. My amazing & lovely regular readers already know about it, a Warm Welcome to my wonderful & incredible new readers, here are the links to the previous parts.  Part – I : And Part – II : )

My Sister also reminded me about my creativity. You can do all the work you can and you want to, as a result of that, creativity starts building up and you need to release it, or it keeps piling up and as a result you might start loosing interest in your work slowly. I realized how important it was for me to bring out my creativity, work is necessary, but I also have to take out time for it, use every moment at its best.

Release Your Creativity - Image found via Google Search :D!

Never mind if you draw like a 2 year old or take pictures like an old man, just release your creativity in any way you might love, something you’d love to do. And it feels great, yeah you’ll feel proud of those things too…..Lol ;D!

Really, every single moment is wonderful , God did put me through this phase to evolve and to understand and to bring out my true self much more towards my work and be my 100%, because there will not be another me.

Mind, Body & Spirit - Align them and you'll feel the power of your possibilities (Image found via Google Search)

Well, my mind and soul aligned in harmony, it was time to take up my body. Its necessary that you keep your body fit & strong in whichever way you can and the convenience of time that you have no matter what it is , Push Ups, Jogs/Runs/Walk, Yoga, some form of Martial Art or anything else. It keeps your Mind, Body & Soul together as one, strong, firm, concrete and fixed towards your goal and tasks

With these 3 spheres together in an alignment, I m quite sure you can excel in whatever you take up to.

Whoa and, that smile….haha ;D!! Always wear it, its something that projects out a LOT of positivity and someone might just fall in love with it ;D!!.

Now, I really don’t need an alarm to wake up for what I want to do, seriously 😀 😀 :D!!! Its my dreams that wake me up and keep me awake, there was never a time that I woke up since 5:30 am and then couldn’t sleep until I did some work :D!.

There may be people that may say something and do something to make you feel down, don’t let anything from the outside affect you from the inside and it cannot, and they can never have any power over you nor you should give them the power to. The moment you notice or feel that there is someone trying to compete with you or something, that my friend, is Good News ;D! It means that you’re making a great progress and people around you are noticing it. Don’t be afraid of that and try to make a run for it and compete with that person, just go at the rate you are & you can , because jealousy and fear limit how much you can be yourself, so don’t let someone else’s jealousy affect you nor be jealous of someone, it’s a very base and low feeling and it blocks your greatness and ability to truly love and do something.

And also there will be people who love & know you, they may use harsh words, just to spite you so that you could feel that challenging spirit to prove them wrong. Its hard to notice them at first. But from the inside, they know what you are capable of and only wish and pray for your success.

Each event was step, on one of the final days i had a most wonderful experience, that feeling that it left me with has been incredible……..Okies, you guys wanna know about it 😀 ?? Lemme know in the comments below ;D!

Blooming to New Beginnings - Photo by Me (M. Faizan S.)

I’d first like to Thank God and then Thank you so much Sis, I m blessed by God to have you in my life and My dear & supporting friend, and all of you who are here :-  among them are friends, some people who I had a only a tad bit of conversation with, but they always spread kindness and happiness with their lovely words, wishes and Blessings, took out time to read & comment on my blog. Well, it was that little kindness of yours that twinkle like stars in a night sky and you’ve inspired me.

And a heartfelt Thanks to all my dear & amazing readers, Tweeps, Twiends & folks :D!

I Love all of You with all my heart.

It really sounds like a story, but its so much true and what all I’ve been through.

A Break to a Journey of Discoveries – II of III

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My dear & amazing readers, Thank your SO much for all your Love & Support. Here’s the IInd part of my post. If you haven’t checked it out yet, then here’s the link to “A Break to a Journey of Discoveries – I of III

A Journey - II - (Image found via Google & may be subject to the copyright of its owners.)

And also with me were the wise words of a dear and supporting friend, who said that, whatever God does is for our best, we might not like it, but its for our own good and we must trust His decision.

On the first day of my break, I started to work up to 5 times more than what I did normally, it was a feeling just so great.

One of the things that my Sis taught was Letting Go. These 2 words have a diverse meaning but, I had to let go off the things and events that took place in the past. Even though it was my success in the past that I had to let go because it could build up a sort of pride which would let me down. It was amazing, I went through a sweet & sour cocktail of emotions, but this all had to come out. I felt the emotions coming out, all that time, i was holding myself back, i felt my heart open up, it was ‘work’, but it was a circle of my life where my true self was hidden away for almost a year, i went through transitions of emotions in this trip, but it was all worth it. 😀 😀 :D!!!

We do make some wrong decisions and wrong choices, but everything that happens with us in our lives,  we learn from it. We can not change the past, so its something we should never hold on to nor its worth to holding on to.

Its that of our present, the choices that we make in the present and the reasons we make those choices forms a future which is up ahead of us and which is can be much more brighter  ~ M. Faizan

I started to enjoy every single moment of my work and my life. It felt as if the whole world had slowed down and I could so what I wished.  In 20 days I completed my work which was pending for 3 months. That spells a W-O-W!! But I know I can do much much more Life no more seems as a mess, but a wonderful gift.

I also had a great time. Family, malls, shopping, food and etc. Mmmm……i was pretty hesitant to write this one because I’d really sound so high schoolish saying this………….. but some people get your attention. I got a crush on a few random strangers LOL! Yeah, few, May God help me, sounds crazy, right! LOL :D!.

As I said, sweet & sour cocktail of emotions, so my mind was going through a lot of funny stuff.

Okay, okay, i know what some of you guys are thinkin’ now   ^_^…….its nothing like that at all………seriously :D!!!

How, what & all I don’t really know, but I got to learn more about myself from this, I thought what was it about them that got my attention ?? I was puzzled for a moment, but then I realized, they were themselves, that’s what I’d noticed. They had that genuine smile which projected out who they really were. When you see a genuine person, your heart brings out that BIG smile, i was in an amazement, awe & wonder, in these crushes, i touched my true being & soul again & again, it was a truly heart opening experience.

I had to follow my dreams and be my complete true self for my work 😀 😀 :D!!!

It truly felt like God was changing the circumstances around me, into believing in myself and my capabilities for my work. Even if there were negative things around me, the outside didn’t & doesn’t affect me. Everything feels like a learning and experience.

Then I learnt to believe in the words of my dear friend. Indeed many times God does things that we don’t like, but He does it for our best. I learnt that when some of my plans got cancelled, was unable to do a few other things I wanted to and I remembered how a different career choice had landed me somewhere I didn’t want to be at that time, but now when I look back, that was one of the best things that happened to me…………………

More of what my Sis taught me, how i implemented it into my life and another amazing event which became the final step of my opening, (I’ll be putting up that as poem before Part III) all of it more on “A Break to a Journey of Discoveries III of III”. A heartfelt Thanks to all for taking out their precious time to read this & comment on here :D!!!!

A Break to a Journey of Discoveries – I of III

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A Journey ~ Found via Google Search (Image is subject to the copyright of its owners)

{I first Thank God for everything he’s given me, also for all of my amazing readers here for their amazing & wonderful love & support who always supported me and inspire me to write more and a heartfelt Thanks to you all.}

Recently, as many of my readers know, I left for a break to another country i.e. my ex-hometown Dubai. To take out sometime for myself and to focus more on my work. I had been there quite a many times but this truly was one of the best breaks I’ve had in my life till now.  Well, but it came out to be a journey in which I discovered a lot more my true self.

Quite surprising, but that was one of the main reasons I left.

Had been through a lot, it seemed like just the right time to leave.

Until the last year, I was at the top of my work, excelled in every thing that I took up. But then all of a sudden I saw myself going down, living below the expectations of others but the most of all, myself.

I was myself with the others, but not my work. My work life was becoming a disaster, I’d stepped into the territory of laziness & time wastage, a LOT of it. I had lost interest in my work, I moved away from doing what I had to the most, it was a ruin. I had that miserable feeling running through me, all the time, I was becoming distracted, my priorities were haywire, people close to me started to see a change in me and how I was dealing with my work. It was a mess.

I had tried so many things, those motivations and inspirations lasted only for a short while, then I was back to it. It lasted for almost a year.

It was like my soul from the inside wanted something else, but my mind was going in the wrong direction.

But then something happened, Some wonderful people influenced my life. And some of them being quite special.

Okay I know there must be “eyebrows raised” ^  ^….LOL!

Yes, yes! there you go, you guessed it right, there’s a woman to it *wink*……hee hee ;D!, its someone whom I call a Sister, my elder Sis. Although not by blood, she’s but closer to me than one, she me helped in bringing out the real me, the person who I really should be for my work life. She never saw me as a mess or a disaster, which i thought i was, but looked into me and understood me for who I really am, making me realize that the reason I was feeling all the misery was that I was hiding my true self, this isn’t me, I m not a disaster, I don’t waste my time, people in my line of work know me for it. They were also shocked to see me going down this hole. It seemed like it was unending, well that was until God sent me her ;D!!!

What i do is something that i love doing and am great at it, its just what i want and would’ve wanted, Thank God :D!!! It wasn’t like it was something i didn’t love doing, that was main thing that came to the mind, and it bugged me too. But it just felt like my love for it had hidden away somewhere, in some deep dark corner of my heart and i never knew why.

My Sis taught me that what I felt and was happening around me was due to me not being my real person. I had embraced this new person who I really wasn’t for my work and certain small parts of my life and that’s what was holding me back from using my true potential. She made me understand the greatness, importance and relevance of becoming myself. She made me realize who i really am. She trusted me, my goals seemed crazy, but her faith and confidence in me, it felt just so great, so always said & says that i can do it, i have the ability to, no matter what the circumstances were. She told me she’d love to tell me a lot more, but she really wanted me to discover it myself………….more of what i learnt, how it made & inspired me into who i really am for my work and a cocktails of emotions, continued in A Break to a Journey of Discoveries – II