Anger, Lone Ventures and Driving…….from one end to the other

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An Awesome Start to day (Image is subject to the copyright of its owners)

Well ……you know what….It was last weekend Weekend 😀 😀 :D!!! YAY!!!!! An Awesome start i had to a Thundering Saturday…..i was like wooohoooo, still had, i saw the shining bright sun bring the new day, as the monsoon clouds retreated and went away back to their humble abode, finding a new destiny, i know they’ll be back, same time the next year. Theeere i go poetic :P.

And you know, there are times when things happen…..well Anger is not me, this Saturday took a U turn, suddenly things happened and my day felt like “Wha???”, while holding on to the Awesomeness of the day :). I tend to get angry when my Awesome day starts running towards “OMG! i want this day to pass real fast”…..

Felt angry at that moment (Image is subject to copyright of its owners)

Felt angry at that moment (Image is subject to copyright of its owners)

I don’t know how, and i didn’t remember also but i held onto this saying of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) : “A strong person is not the person who throws his adversaries to the ground. A strong person is he who contains himself when he is angry.”

“Geez! what’s happening to my day”, another thought ran through my mind, “Its the weekend, this isn’t supposed to be happening!”

I do stuff at times when i m angry…..okay i mean ……Stuff…..LoL…here’s a small list of what i do :-

1) Sit if am standing, sleep if am sitting
2) Take a Long sleepers
3) Start watching something (movie, Tv, etc.)
4) Pray
5) Take some real long deep breathers
6) Talk to a friend
7) Write
8 ) Drive professionally… racer self is into action, but not causing probs. to anyone at all 8)
9) Indulge in Creativity 🙂
10) Give up a some cash i have in pocket to charity…..that can go crazy at times, it helps me calm but 😛

I drove past the bay as i breathed the smell of the ocean (Image is subject to the copyright of its owners)

This time, something different happened, i took the keys to my Nicey scooter, prayed for a while, had tears in my eyes……Okay, let me tell you, people say, for them, one of the difficult things at times about being a man is crying, but i wasn’t nor am nor will be in those perceptions of others as the Soul we hold within is from God, so i let tears flow, which made me calm :). I looked at a cafe and my mind whispered “cafe” “cafe” I told myself “Next time ;D” and planned to Get Lost, yes Get Lost on purpose i planned on discovering new roads in the city, i’d done that once before when i was out of focus, but couldn’t drive much because it was very late at night, but i’d promised myself i’d be back that place and continue to see where the road leads, No Maps, no GPS, nothing!…….well i drove, I drove to the end of the city City, Literally the place where the city ends and the only way you can get ahead is by a floating…….i mean its an ocean………it was a wonderful feeling.
I saw a beautiful little Church on the way before that, i was like “God! haven’t ever seen that one!… was actual an Uphill road via a bay where the city ended. I’d learnt to assess the energy from my anger by putting it into something else, something beautiful, i Thank God for my sister, who let me know more about it.

I was humming a line from a song “The roads feel lovelier than the destination….” that was amazing.

The road felt almost the same as this. (Image is subject to copyright of its owners)

I stopped humming the song as i saw the thick trees across the road, blended their beautiful scent in the afternoon breeze, i took a big refreshing breath……..still not knowing where i was headed :).

I let my spirit wander……i knew, wherever i went, my heart would direct me home.

Okay, first thing if you wanna get lost, have a full tank of gas, i had! I came to junction, i had been there before, a long while ago, gosh!…..having a choice where to go, i asked a driver for direction to my home, i just drove away from it to find a longer route to be back ;D! I kept driving straight and i discovered some beautiful places, . I came across a pretty many HSBC bank branches, im like “man they’re everywhere” ….one of ’em reminded me….”oooh! I can call my relationship manager in the other Bank, she’d know some fool who could help me out if m lost :D!…LOL” My mobile was on Silent mode and i knew calling anyone wouldn’t be any use…coz many of them i knew didn’t even dread to go to those roads because there were shorter routes :P…i took a left ahead and after a little while another left. Guess what! I am back at the same junction…im like “Geezerzz!! i m back here….hahaha”

I drove, drove, drove and drove, God knows how many kilometers, finally i come to this Gianormous Road! NO two wheeler’s where there…. and Huge SUV zzzzzzoooomed! past me…i was like **gulps**…where the hell am i 😀 😀 😀 ???”….i noticed a Muslim shrine far across, i knew people talking about going there, i’d been near that place only once as a child with my parents… was beautiful sight……finally! i came to the road where a close friend lives..,..”hahaha this fool doesn’t even know i m here”….noticed the coffee shop where he usually had coffee with his girlfriend…..he was out of the city then ;D!…..took up another junction of Getting Lost…LOL!!!….but now it was BRIGHT afternoon, the sun shining at its highest, you can’t really drive much on a Two-wheeler with that kinda Sun smiling upon you..LoL………i chose the way home.

SEE!!! There wasn’t anger, sweet warm feelings, wonderful memories and nothing else… had all disappeared….i came home taking a deep breath and laughing at myself, i had been through roads only surrounded by trees and the afternoon breeze, i had heard insects creaking in the bright sunlight, all the magic engulfed into me, i watched tall buildings and drove UP the hilly roads…..and down them….smelled the fresh sea as i drove by the 2 bays, both at different corners of the city. A time memorable indeed :).

Anger is a natural emotion, its when we experience it, we must hold our tongue and actions, think, observe and understand what it is, or just feel the anger, and put it into something beautiful, or do nothing at all, as one of the things i do, just going to bed for a few minutes, or taking a good shower, that helps, because at that time you start focusing on yourself, at times in anger we don’t focus on ourselves, in those moments we should smile and appreciate ourselves, do what we Love and let it vanish in your Love for ourselves.

Thank you so much for taking out your precious time for reading this and commenting on here, i’d Love to know what you like to do or do when you’re angry :). Wishing you all a wonderful new week ahead :D!


Weekend Chewbies

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Well, its weekend and I m off ‘work’ for a while, and its during these times I end up doing lots of crazy things, by crazy I mean something that don’t make sense at all. I’d written a quote of my own : An idle mind is not a devil’s workshop, but its his industry. You can explain I was able to chalk it up to a small scale industry ;D!!! Now this is what ran through my mind.

I lazed out like I’ve not slept, yeah bcoz on the Friday night till 3:15am I was lolling around Social Media and watching the game trailer for Batman : Arkham City, that was better, there are much worse things to do than that, like counting sheep ;D! And I peacefully woke up at 10:30 am this morning and THANK GOD the “Mornin’ Crow Alarm” didn’t arrive at my window at 5:13 am in the morning, and the only alarm on the whole planet that wakes me up at 5 am.

I somehow looked like this. Found via Google Search (Image is subject to the copyright of its owners)

Once I’d woken up early, I’d got dark circles under my eyes, due to insomnia. I looked like zombie with my hair all dredged up and making horn like shapes, so I stood behind the curtain of my window with a stick “Let that ‘kawing’ creature come, I m gonna scare his feathers off”

One of my very favorite things being growing a slight weirdly unkempt beard, with a frown like that of a true honor justice cop, yeah, at times I love to feel and be like a shady character, it amaAAAAzing to see people giving you the weird look, which they don’t normally do when you appear to be normal……hee hee. WoW!!!

Me in the Batman Cowl - Age - 5yrs

I did feel like a ninja Batman………ooh Batman’s a trained ninja, so pretty well ;D!!! They feel you’re weird, not only weird, I mean Willy Wonka weird, I never knew changing my look at bit would cause that kinda reaction, one of my friends ended up asking,” did your girlfriend run away or something or she ditched you ?”, I said “wha?? I don’t have one yet” phew!!! And I thought my mind was the devil’s industry.

I can't believe i had such fears....LOL!! Found via Google Search (Image is subject to the copyright of its owners)

Clowns……by clowns I got reminded of a Coulrophobia or fear of clowns which I had when I was between 5 & 7, I could give the credit of it to a Tv serial which showed a murder clown with magical powers & stuff and couldn’t be killed so easily, he used Voodoo and everythin’ else and a bunch of 7 morons who knew how to kill him, God, it scared the hair of my scalp. And in Dubai, where I spent the greater part of my childhood, there was an automated clown in a mall which started laughing when you went near it, I was scared, whenever I wanted to pass through the alleys I would go around that thing, as a fact that mall had 2 automated clowns, the other the climbed up and down a rope from the top to lower level of the mall and this one’s still there. A Major CROWNIES!!!! these people are so stinkingly nostalgic. I used to day dream of the clown attacking the mall folks and me being the hero and saving the damsels in distress, Thanks to God i found better career options :P!!!

When I was 17, well I was & still am a fan of comic book characters, I tried sporting a goatee like that of Green Arrow :D!!! And that too I’d done it myself, I was so proud and then as my Mom sees me “You look 30 or something!!! Get it off or a young lady might just end up calling you ‘Uncle’ ” I had that weird “Wha ???” look on my face because I’d thought that looked cool ;D!!!. Well so there it was for a single night.

And finally i started my Playstation 3 after almost 6 months, had probs. with it & work stuff mainly and a scene while replaying of one of my favorite games Uncharted 2 put me into a series of amazing & incredible thoughts which i may put up in a blog post.

I introduced myself to you amazing folks as a daydreamer, hope you enjoyed this little journey of my mind from the way i see the world from my inner childish self. And i also recommend that always feel and also be the child inside of you, it makes you really very happy, you’ll always be your 100% self, motivated, inspired, enthusiastic, excited and happy to learn something more or the other out of all the experiences and you can Love to your heart’s best when you Love like a child.

Concluding with one of my quotes : Love like a child, from your heart, beautifully, blissfully, honestly, truly, fearlessly, selflessly and endlessly ~ M. Faizan

P.S. Everything that i’ve written here is the truth and has been a part of my life :D!!!

Thank you So much to all of you for inspiring me to write more :D!!!