Gratefulness, and all that it means

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Moonlight in window - Image is subject to copyright of its owners

A sleepless night, sitting on my bed, having chocolate, under the moonlight. Usually i tend to get pretty fuzzy when i am not able to sleep or if i don’t get sleep. This night, well it was maybe something else. I sat, stood, moved around, had something…..i felt blessed, although i was not able to sleep and i was having a “head-banging” headache, nothing stopped me for sitting under the moonlight and admiring God’s created Nature. At times, how we do forget to look around and apppreciate our blessings, even though we have so many, we tend to turn blind and blind folded by something called “Ungratefulness” as “Gratefulness” is a parent of virtues, the exact vice-versa goes for “Ungratefulness”, its when people become “ungrateful”, we disregard, forget and appreciate all that we have and have had. I Thank God for keeping me away from that and making me realize that Hey, if He didn’t want it, i wouldn’t be awake this night writing this post laying on my bed w/o even looking at my laptop

If He didn’t want, i wouldn’t even be on this bed……aaaand thats just the beginning… many times in a day we just stop everything, look around, realize and Thank & be Grateful for all that we have, when do we pause and say “Hey God, sorry for being a jacka** and for any of my actions that may have saddened you, and Thank you for everything” and you smile from your heart and continue with what you were doing. Remember folks, Life is just too damn short, so live each moment, with the magical seed of Gratefulness in your heart, nurture and care for it, by remembering it, which will just make you realize, that just how beautiful really is life. While writing this i did get reminded of my kind Dreamer friend Deanna……and also the friend i met in the mall cc. my post “People and Probabilities“. Could this all ever have been poossible if i hadn’t carried this parable of Gratefulness which later my eyes were opened to. “Carpe Diem”.

Be Grateful - Image is Subject to Copyright of its owners

As i heard in a Tv serial, which means “Seize the Moment” P.S. that’s the only word/thing i liked in that serial….LOL…..back to the point, (Hell, i got distracted pretty damn fast… yep, so as the words say “Seize the Moment”…… see, its just the present moment that we’ve got to be Grateful, okay at this point i was Grateful about that calculator/typewriter like-ish sound that my phone was making on tapping the keys,as my eye lids started drooping and i remembered of some Prose i studied years ago in Grade 9 & 10. Isn’t that just FAB, all of a sudden all of these coming back, that put me to thought, what if i had been “the usual fuzzy boy/man” ??? I don’t even know if i’d have cherished all of the sweetness, at this point it was 5 am on the 10th of December, this seemed more like a diary, the way is was going and i noticed how i placed it all in past tense and again went back to a FAB literature teacher called Mr. Rose we had back in school.

We can’t even imagine where Gratefulness can go

Remember, somethings in life can never be traded, like memories, we all have our own, like our personal diaries to look back, learn and cherish them……i noticed how my post was flying towards many many words.

Life, broken into moments as the "grates" - Image is subject to copyright of its owners

If you notice, “Gratefulness” can be broken up in two words “Grate” & “fullness”…..this reminded me of how we can Grate a carrot or cheese, when we do that, each piece then, as a result of that “grating” has an identity of its own, same as our lives, which when these “grates” of Each Moment of our lives are put  together makes it whole. So why not Live each bit of this Life’s moment “grate” with “fullness”, which someday we all will look back and see at before we leave this temporal presence. So, what are you grateful for, at this moment, what comes to your mind, i am Grateful right now for at least being alive…………..Gratefulness is like a river, the greatness and love of which can fill and quench the thirst of one’s heart.

You know, at times we all tend to get fuzzy, that’s human fuzziness at times…….when that happens (God forbid), just don’t forget to be Grateful, close and open your eyes then, feel the difference as things seem calmer, so does your heart :-). Begin that moment with a smile, Life may not always give a second chance, so just grab this very one, and change your life from this moment.

I watched as the night fleeted by - Image is subject to copyright of its owners

Well i kinda ended this post @ 5:15 am……yawwwwn…….Hope you liked this little journey of mine, i know, i know, i haven’t been upto blogging much lately these days because of stuff………..well…..stuff….LOL….Hope you like this post and please do let me know so by your loving comments below.


Nature & Nurture

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A breeze blew, peeping through the openings, of that glass window, its fragrance, sparked a trail of memories, in which thoughts flew, one after the other, unlocking wonders, streaming through my mind. ~ Micro poem by — M. Faizan

Wow, it was really a cool breeze beside my table that opened up my mind to write this post. I looked through the window and there was a sunset, my house faces towards to the West, so i am lucky to see the sunset in the evenings and feel a perfect sunburn in the afternoon…Lol. There are also some tall buildings that blocked my perfect view.

I began to think, that how we are a part of the nature and its beauty that surrounds us, how it affects us, our mood, our emotions, our feelings and our mindset. In that brief moment when i felt the fragrance of the breeze, i felt connected to the nature and my surroundings. An incredible feeling which made me realize that i can feel this all the time when i want to. I felt in a similar way the most after i had watched Avatar and realized that indeed we are connected to the nature around us, but that feeling lasted for a short while. So i had to feel and experience this on my own to develop it. And it was indeed amazing.

Thoughts wandered through my mind with feelings from my heart. I felt that how the nature in reality nurtures us, its like a mother which God has provided us with. We never stop growing throughout our lives. We need the the fresh air to be processed in our blood, we need the sunlight to break down the essential Vitamin D and the other nutritions, we the need the energy from the food to keep working, where does it all come from ??. Its all a part of this Nature and all of these things come from it. I wish & hope that everyone could feel like this, feel how we all are a part of this wonderful planet, connected to each other.

But Man,  so many times, thinks of himself to be superior, powerful, conquering, controlling and above all else. I do agree that God has blessed us humans with great power and strength, but it is not meant for destroying and exploiting the the gifts that we have been blessed with. But we have been provided with this strength to protect this planet and its creatures, to care about them and this is the right way in which we are needed to use our abilities, our talents, our capabilities and our powers. We all can use the natures gift in a way that is enough to meet our needs. That’s the first thing we can do.

There are tall trees, the beautiful flowers, the magnificent singing birds, the squeaking rodents, the whispering cold breeze and so much more.

But Man just keeps exploiting all of this, wiping down entire forest lands in the greed for money, power and profits, not realizing the impact that it has on our ecosystem, that how the soil gets loose due to the roots of the trees being removed from it, that how so many species of birds would have to migrate to another place to find a suitable home and how the animals around loose their natural habitat a place which they consider as their home. How would Man feel if a place he calls home is wrongfully just snatched away from him, destroyed, wouldn’t he feel hurt, enraged, lost and lonely!. The birds of paradise are barely seen anymore, they were shot down, one by one, ruthlessly for the sake of sport, entertainment and money, the magnificent beauty they flew by are not seen in our blue skies anymore

The Nature is screaming and shouting for our help, telling us to stop this exploitation, in olden times people would drink pure water from the wells and springs which would be filled with the natural minerals which form due to the process of sedimentation as water slowly seeped into the ground. Now we are not even privileged to have that type of water, the  ground water is now contaminated with chemicals released from plastic and contaminants released from factories which seeps into the ground, with arsenic, with all sorts of pollutants. The air is no more fresh as it used to be. The crops that we consume grows with the help of fertilizers and pesticides which again the soil and the crops absorb, a reason why we are not as healthy as people 100 years before us used to be.

Due to the pollution in air, we get irritated, annoyed, many times our minds are not clear, people get disturbed and frustrated easily due to the noise pollution, its not something weird, its natural, all of these pollutants release chemicals in our body in a different pattern than which it rather should be. Try going to a park for a while, breathe deeply and calmly there, you will feel the difference, the peace of mind, a different feeling, a strength from within.

People are trying to reduce the exploitation being done to this planet, the number of people standing up for mother nature maybe less, but its not that our numbers matter, its the intention that we stand for, its far more greater, priceless and valuable than just money and base profits, we are fighting for preserving that we have been gifted by God, something that we are made to do, its our duty and our responsibility.

A Tiger's gentleness for its young one. This image is the copyright of National Geographic Society

Don’t you like it to watch, that how a ferocious, powerful & feared animal like a Tiger, picking up its young ones by her mouth with such gentleness and care, the elephants playing with water, the colorful frogs hunting for their prey, the soaring kite flying with such swiftness and gliding through the wind. The calm streams, releasing the slow sound of the water flowing, the waves on a shore crashing on the rocks, the green leaves reflecting the sunlight and just so much more that my words can’t even describe.

Wouldn’t you like to wake up on a cold morning, wrapped up in a blanket and watch the sun rise with a cup of hot tea/coffee in your hand, watch the sun set on the beach with the sparkling blue water reflecting the blazing amber light of the setting sun, watching a loved one play around the flowers with butterflies, feel the breeze refreshing our minds & our senses, having a picnic in a park with family and friends, enjoying nature as we chat with them.

The beauty of the nature, the wonderful feelings we get from it and the joy in the environment, slowly, its all disappearing. I fear a time when we won’t be able to feel all of this, not because we wouldn’t want to feel, but because these things wouldn’t exist at that time. So think about it, what ever little effort you can, move towards in preserving the environment, go ahead.

Its what our planet needs. We have been given so much & we continue receiving the wonderful gifts of nature and also using them, we are not prevented from using them for our needs, but now its time that we do something little to pay it back to our Nature & mother Earth.

Its not about the impact an individual’s actions have in the first go, but, its  the impression and the ripple of thoughts of that persons act leaves on the others ~ M. Faizan.

As M. K. Gandhi rightfully said : “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed”

And as i heard from a Taoist saying, ‘We are all one’ and ‘All creatures low and high are one with nature. No life is insignificant’.

So what do you think about this post, what do you feel about nature and us being an integral part of it, our responsibilities towards it, i’d love to know your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the comments and i sincerely Thank all of you for taking out time to read this post :D! Happy Earth Day to all :).

Sunshine & Smiles

Smiles - Young Man Smiling --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

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On a vacation after a long time, i decided that from then onwards whenever & wherever i go, i always wear a smile. The major reason was the happiness of being on a vacation after a long while. And so that day i did wear a smile when i left out for my little adventures.

Well, it felt a little awkward in the beginning, to always be smiling, but then it was better than having the same & normal expression.

As i walked around and saw more & more people pass by me, it was a different & a completely new experience, i noticed that by just wearing a smile you display so much positivity. You create, bring out & show something about yourself. I wanted people to see who i truly am, so wearing a fake smile, without having that feeling from your heart would be lying to the people without actually speaking something. That day i saw the difference in the way people looked at me. An experience so dynamic, that it gave me an idea about the minds of different people & what do they think about a person smiling.

I did get smiles back, which was amazing and beautiful, while reading the expressions of some others, they had a look on their face which  said “what is he all happy about ?” , and some with an envious look. But, that was no reason for me to stop smiling :D!!

The significance what a smile has in our lives is great. Its like what sunshine is for our day, it brings a sense of life, joy, light, a new feeling, each time when we wake up in the morning, a new beginning of untold possibilities, unimaginable probabilities, hope, happiness & so much more. Same goes for a smile, it is something so small, but the role it can play in our lives is just so great. I also wrote in a poem for a friend that how her smile was the sunshine to my day.

It is so easy to smile from your heart when you are happy, but it gets difficult to smile from your heart in times of sadness/darkness. While going through some rough days, i thought i should always try to keep smiling, but moving those 13/14 muscles seemed so difficult at that point of time, it was difficult to feel something so great & positive while so many things were happening around you, but then a beacon of hope shined through my thoughts & i smiled, in that sudden moment the world seemed so much of a brighter place, i was calm, my heart wasn’t beating frantically anymore, instead of being sad on what was happening with me, i started looking for solutions & ways to deal with them, i felt a mindset so strong.

A Smile doesn’t only represent happiness, it represents hope, strength, the power & the will to get up each time one falls, the positivity to smile through all the difficulties thrown, the choice to live through this amazing gift of life in a happy way & to its fullest. Smiles inspire & motivate, make our hearts light, makes us feel better, it puts a glow on our faces, makes it shine, projects out positivity and confidence.

A beautiful smile of Penelope Beveridge - Austrailian Pro Photographer.

Whenever i think of a smile, i imagine a picture of a butterfly flying through the sunflowers, the radiant light of the flowers, the colors of the wings of the butterfly, and yes, the sunshine.

Equally much important is making some one else smile, it does not only give them happiness, but you too feel happy from the inside. And its an incredible feeling. It may be just any one, a friend, a family member, a loved one, a homeless person or an orphan child.

I did learn more of that some years ago when i volunteered to a home for destitutes with a Red Cross programme. I saw the smiles on the faces of the children there when i distributed some chocolates among them. Their eyes spoke about their happiness. It made me feel so happy, incredible & strong, it was a really great experience & also helped me to understand & look much more deeper into life’s realities.

A Smile is something so little but its significance, importance the role it plays in our lives & the lives of others & its impact is so great.

Well, that’s what happened with me & what i think about smiles & smiling. What do you think about it ? Have you had a similar experience ?  What do you think about this blog post ? I would love to know what you think about it. Do leave a comment if you can, I greatly appreciate it. I end my blog post with this amazing quote & this song

” Today, give a stranger a smile without waiting for it may be the joy they need to have a great day. ” ~ Byron Pulsifer