People, their Websites & Blogs that I recommend & love.

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There are always certain people you admire & appreciate for their hard work and you also love it, and in order to show my appreciation to them & their work. Here’s a recommendation to them.

These are the people that i know and some of my greatly supporting & amazing readers and wonderful friends.

— (Sorry the twitter links for this one are not working as of now.) My inspiring friend who is passionate about traveling, enjoys photography & different sports @Americus_7 on Twitter and her incredible & amazing new blog : Her new blog inspired me to start a blog for myself  and has always encouraged me to write more by her comments.

— A writer, teacher & my supportive friend Danielle Monique, also known as @22DanielleM on Twitter and her blog Always supporting me with her comments, and motivating me and always helps me out with my WordPress disasters…Lol ;).

— A regular reader, a beautiful, hard working & really great Pro photographer, captures Lifestyle Travel Aerials People Fine Art shares inspiration. Follows the light and creates from her heart. My kind & supporting friend and a wonderful person, Penelope Beveridge also known as @penelopephoto on Twitter and her website full of her stunning photographs :

— My friend Anitne Lav, known as @Vvipdon on Twitter another regular reader who always appreciates my posts and takes out time to comment on it, her blogs and

— Another Dreamer, someone who has a similar fondness of Chocolates & Ice Creams like me, a kind soul, a wonderful ‘n’ amazing friend i m honored to know, Deanna Cook, better known as @BellaSssparks on Twitter and do make sure to check out Her Amazingly wonderful & touching blog :

— A friend, a web designer, a writer, blogger, a real estate consultant, a career coach, the author of ’50 Great-Money Making Ideas for Any Economy, the multi-talented & hard working Dawn Lambros known as @dawnlambros and Twitter & her website

— My friend Magali, a graphic designer and an amazing cook, on Twitter as @Magali777 check out her mouth watering & incredibly tasty recipes at

— My amazing & wonderful friend, an incredible person, spreader of love & light and one of  the most amazing people on Twitter, Aline Hanle, known as @Catalyst303 on Twitter and her website and her amazingly wonderful blog and her new website displaying her amazing Soulful Artistry :

— A Visual artist and co-founder of Epic Serbia – Designer/Painter/Writer – following & continuing the path of Goethe and Vuk and an amazing friend Snezana Radulovic known as @zhanadarte on Twitter, her facebook page , her blog :, and her Epic Serbia website :

— An incredible person, an amazing blogger and always fun to tweet with, my friend Davis @virtualDavis on Twitter, he’s another one of my regular readers and his terrific and fun loving website

— A Fantastic blogger, great & supportive friend, a regular reader and a chocolate lover, my friend Jean Kesley known as @ImmaChocoholic on Twitter and Her amazing, fun and informative website

— An English teacher, writer & author, also another one of my friends on Twitter & a regular reader of my blog, Mayumi, known as @mayumi_ishihara on Twitter.

–A writer, an incredible and amazing photographer & an adventure seeker, Tara Bradford, known as @TaraBradford on Twitter  and her remarkable photos on her website : and her Tumblr blog :

–A Friend, Teacher, Mom, Liberal Democrat, News Junkie, and Nature Lover who enjoys photography, Tracy Theyskens known as @NYTupelo7 and her photos here :

— A , promoter of writers, and a reader of my blog & a friend Kathy Richards known as @katdish on Twitter and her website here

–An inspiring & amazing friend, a great reader of my blog & a rider with a passion for his bike similar to mine, Brent Hartwick known as @Ogrteeshirtking on Twitter.

— An optimistic romantic dreamer lover of classic movies the ocean and rain, my friend Rusty, known as @PhiCar on Twitter

— A bling artist- Clothing designer, dog collars, rocking it all! Mom 2 the sweetest 3yr old boy, an amazing friend & a favorire reader of my blog, Meredith Allison known as @RockTique on Twitter and her website

— A Life Coach, Life Changer, Author, Speaker, Wisdom harvester, believer in the power of love, an amazing friend & a great blogger Veronica Schultz know on Twitter as @VeronicaSchultz and her website :

— A great & kind friend, a blogger, into & likes, Non-Profits, Social Media Traveling, Health, Food, Wine, Movies, Music and Apple. My friend Shire, known as @ShiCooks on Twitter and her blogs : http://renewfixyou.com

— An incredible, supportive, wonderful & kind friend, a great person, a visionary who works from her heart, Founder of Viaggio Bracelet Direct Sales Company that Embraces the unique life moments in our journeys! And a Mom of 5 angels. The amazing Julianne Paulsen, known as @YRJewelryGal on Twitter and her website :

— An amazing person, a dearly kind friend with a great heart, always inspiring and beautiful with her words,  a TV presenter, author & producer who is a well-loved social media persona & a key influencer, the incredible Sarah-Jayne Gratton known on Twitter as @grattongirl and her website : and her blog :

— A wonderfully kind hearted friend, an amazing person, always inspiring with her beautiful and lovely words, sharing kindness & love wherever she is, my loving friend Liz Grant on Twitter as @Serarc and her Facebook page here :

— An amazing, kind & supportive friend, a wonderful & truly inspiring and person with a very kind heart, a Co-Owner, Marketing Director of Icon Presentations audio visual for events, blogger, involved in events industry my new & incredible friend Jenise Fryatt, known on Twitter as @JeniseFryatt and her website & blogs and

— An incredibly kind person, a wonderful & greatly supportive friend, always inspiring by her amazing words, a networker, a Coach, a Speaker, a Serial Entrepreneur and also known as The Natural Networker, another one of my amazing new friends Janet Callaway, known on Twitter as @JanetCallaway and her wonderful blog :

— A wonderful friend, an amazing human being, truly incredible & kindhearted, always sharing & spreading Love, a Mother, Friend, Meditation Teacher, Jewelry Designer/ Own Jewelry Co. with Charlotte. Business Manager for Andrew Fryer, MD and Magus Pediatric Cardiology, the lovely Aimee Pilz, known on Twitter as @awakeningaimee

— An amazing person with a BIG heart, a most kind, wonderful & supportive friend, Publisher & Owner of Luxury Lifestyle Magazine in Miami, with amazing interests in Beauty,Local Living, Dining,Events,Shopping,Home Decor,Travel, Fashion,Health & More!, the wonderful Carolyn Gardner, known on Twitter as @OurTownMagazine and her website

— A wonderfully lovely friend, a most amazing person, who makes me smile with her kindness, sunshine & Love, is truly an inspiration for me by the beauty of her lovely words, my kindly amazing friend, nothing less than a Sis to me Dhelz Casuncad or known on Twitter as @OhMyDelisa


21 thoughts on “People, their Websites & Blogs that I recommend & love.

  1. Thank you for including me, I’m feeling the love! I don’t believe I’ve told you enough how much I enjoy your blog…ahh, yes I have, Ha 🙂 Keep up the fabulous work my friend!

    • You’re so very welcome here also…hehe :D!! And Thank You so much once again, i don’t have words to express my gratitude towards all of you :D!! Thank You so much once again :D!

  2. What a generous person you are. Thanks so much for the mention. I recognize some of the names as people I also follow on Twitter. I’ll check out the rest. Thanks again, Faizan.

    • Thank You so much Kathy, that means a lot to me :D!! You’re so very welcome :D!! I should be the one Thanking You for taking out time to read my blog & to comment on it :D!! Thank You so much once again :D!

  3. What a generous post. Than you for including me among this parade of inspiring wordsmiths. What clever company! And what a joyful act in collecting and celebrating your friends in this way. Your energy and optimism are infectious and beautiful. Cultivate them. Give them away. Again and again. They will multiply and come back to you from the four corners of this wild, woolly world! I promise…

    • You’re so welcome Davis :D! Thank you so much for all your kind & generous words, they mean a lot to me :D!! I am so honored to add a wonderful person and amazing person like you to this list :). Thanks again my friend 🙂

  4. Thank you so much Faizan for including me in this great list, I´m very happy to have you as a friend too, you´re a very caring and sensitive person, a great guy in one word.

    • Thank You so much for all your kind words Veronica :D!! You’re so welcome :D! Thanks to you too for always taking out time to read my blog & to comment on it :D!! Its my honor to count you among my friends :D! ((Hugs)) back at ya :D!!

  5. MF, aloha. What a fantastic way to start my day. Thx so much for including me in this list of Amazing bloggers you know. Since I agree 100% with what you said on the bloggers I already know, I can hardly wait to explore the other blogs.

    One of the things I so appreciate about the online world, especially the blogosphere where we connect through posts and comments, is the incredible people that you meet and the friendships that develop.

    MF, wishing you receive back all that you so generously give. May your week be a series of wonderful happenings in your life. Until next time, my new friend, aloha. Janet

    P.S. Is it okay if I use my own special name for you?

    • You’re always welcome my friend :D!!! Its indeed an honor to have you in this list :D!!! I am so glad that you know so many of them from here :D!!

      Yes indeed, the blogosphere is an amazing place where i met a wonderful friend like you and a few others. You are truly inspiring & i am so Thankful to God to know you & be friends with you :D!!

      Thank you so much my friend, wishing and praying the same for you :D!! This is the least i can do for a supportive friend like you :D!!!.

      Yes, its very much alright, not only alright, it would be an honor indeed :D!!!

    • You’re very welcome Jenise :D!!! And its my honor too to have you in that list :D!! A heartfelt Thanks to you too for being so supportive and always taking out time to read my blog & commenting on it :D!!! Have a wonderful week ahead & My prayers, best wishes & blessings for your happiness :D!!!

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