My Inspirations – I

There are people in life who you meet, they inspire you & leave a wonderful impression on you, well so this page is dedicated to all those people, as i slowly and steadily add all of them one by one.

Penelope, you’ve always been an inspiration to me and so you have inspired me to start this page. And i begin with you :D!

Penelope Beveridge

The wonderfully amazing Penelope Beveridge.

I met Penelope through Twitter, her photos at first left me in an awe, her Photography is so incredible & inspiring, as her Bio on Twitter says “Penelope follows the Light & Creates from her heart” that’s truly reflected in her work. It was just the first days of my blogging when i wrote my 3rd post Sunshine & Smiles. I was truly fascinated by Penelope’s smile and wished that i could make it a part of my post. Well i asked for her permission & she gladly agreed, i was truly amazed. She’s a wonderful person, truly down-to-earth, even after so many success and great achievements. She truly became an inspiration for me as then i moved on with clicking photos of my own, she always supported me by always reading my blog and always answered to my queries if i had any relating to Photography.

By our chats on Twitter, i came to know that she does everything from her heart with a smile on her face. Her Love, Dedication, Focus and Integrity for her work is extraordinary, she never thinks twice from going that extra mile which shows her great spirit for her work. She is definitely a person whom i look up to.

More About her : With over 15 years experience in Commercial photography and 5 years in the film and music industry and 3 years contracted to Swedish Beauty and Design Company shooting assignments for Sweden, Paris and Europe. Penelope has enjoyed a mixed specialty which has given her the resources to successfully shoot in any situation and location.  Her work can be seen in numerous areas, from billboards to books and magazines.  One of Penelope’s most popular areas for commercial/advertising is food & beverage, interiors and edgy conceptual fine art portraiture work.

Kindness sparkles from her wonderful heart ~ which spreads beauty all round ~ she is truly a brightest star in the sky. A Micro poem by me, for you my friend :D!

. I recommend you follow her on Twitter @penelopephoto and make sure you check out her Photography on her website

And her Wonderful new Facebook page here :

Kimberly Abbott

Kimberly Abbott

I truly feel honored to introduce Kimberly. A truly wonderful artist whose paintings carry a special light within them. Her Art not only became a delight for me to see, but also truly an inspiration. I learnt more about her through our chats and found out that its truly the light in her heart which her paintings reflect, Kind, Compassionate, Passionate, Hard working, Strong and Incredible and only a few words which best describe about her.

” Kimberly is a self-taught artist who has studied various styles of the masters from all over the world. She draws her inspiration from the mystery that is life and is driven by music and affectivity. Her art is abstract with influences of nature with the colors leading the emotions of the shapes. Kimberly’s debut solo showing in NYC in December 2009 had great success and her work can now be seen in private collections all around the world. ”

You can take a look at her breathtakingly amazing work on her website :
On her Facebook Page :
And on Twitter as : @AbbottArtwork
Through the colors of the paint, the flow from your heart, you brighten our days, may you keep spreading this light, that inspires us, each & every day ~ A Micro Poem by me, for you. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration to everyone :).

Sherry Jones

The first word that comes to my mind when it comes to Sherry, Incredible!. I am honored to introduce the world famous Writer, Author, Journalist & public figure, Sherry Jones. I was truly impressed and in an awe by seeing the amount of Love, Hard work & Research Sherry had put into her books The Jewel of Medina & The Sword of Medina. Sherry is a writer of Historical fiction, and as i read more about her, i found out that she not only did put her Love & Hard Work for her books, but also over came a vast number of challenges that surrounded her in her early years, i was amazed as came to know about that. She has an amazingly strong spirit with a truly incredible & kind heart, which truly stands as an inspiration for me and i am indeed more than honored to know her. Dedicated, Strong, Kind, Wonderful, Incredible & Amazing are just a few words that can describe her :D!

More about her :

She’s an internationally best-selling author with two books — “The Sword of Medina,” the sequel, got a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly — and a third one on the way. “Four Sisters, All Queens” is set for publication. She is currently a freelance reporter and photographer, and give speeches around the world dealing with Islamophobia, free speech, and women’s rights.

You can check out more about her on her website :
On her Facebook page :
On Twitter : @sherryjones 

An inspiration you set in our lives, as we read the that ink flows from your heart, amazing is your spirit, kind is your heart, not only me, but you are a wonder, for all of us indeed ~ A Short Poem by me for you. I am truly honored to know you :D!.

Aine Belton

Well, one word that comes to mind when you think of Aine………Love. Truly a messenger of Love & Light. First what caught my attention was Aine’s quotes, i was amazed by the Love, Truth and Beauty in her words, i was in a wonder, her words carried such deep messages, each of them filled with Love. Each day, reading and feeling her words have been a sunshine in my days for a long time now. A wonderful Soul, the lives of whom she touches is lightened,  A kind heart so rare to be seen, all i can say that i am Blessed to know her. Truly an inspiration to all, she expresses her Gratitude to everyone for their sharing, her kindness, a sure to make you smile, the thought in her words show you the Life of wonder, the real beauty of this Life of ours consists of, the gifts, the blessings we are surrounded with, each and every moment of our lives. Such beauty is experienced just when you read her words.

More about her :

Aine Belton is an author and teacher in the spiritual and personal development fields. In addition to her courses and programs, Aine’s inspirational messages reach over 100,000 people each week through her ezines

Aine has found love to be the most potent healer and  transformer, in both her own life and the lives of others, and as such, it underpins much of her work.

Passionate about the ‘way of love’, Aine launched the Global Love Project as an opportunity for people to open to more love in their lives through a variety of platforms and means.

Do check out her amazing website :
Follow her on Twitter : @AineBelton
Her Global Love Facebook Page :

Like a breeze that freshens the flowers in fields, so are you for us, lighting our lives, with the sunshine of Love, you are gift we love and we wish to see, each and everyday of our lives ~ A short poem for you, by Me :D!. I Sincerely Thank God with all my heart that i know an amazing person like you :D!

Julianne Paulsen 

Can my words describe her, i must say “Sheeesh” may be….yeah maybe, i introduce you to Julianne Paulsen :D!!! More like “Sunshine Julianne” what her smile says. I came to know Julianne when i’d got the word of a wonderful cause “Jewelers for Japan” a fundraising organization set up to help the victims of Japan’s combined earthquake & tsunami, has been launched by a group of volunteers and organizations in the Jewelry industry. The depth i was touched to was beyond words, and i sported the cause on my page Causes I Support and Promote till it was active, i am indeed honored that she gave me an opportunity to support such a great and noble cause. That was the very beginning where i started supporting Causes on Monologues of a Day Dreamer. I am indeed inspired by her
A mother of 5 and the Founder of Viaggio Bracelet Direct Sales Company, her Love for her work, her hard work, her determination & courage are just a very few aspects of what inspire me about her. Her company Viaggio is the birth child of her loving Dream, she works hard, defied the odds and made her dream come true, isn’t that any less of an inspiration 🙂 ??. Giving her Love and her everything to what she does puts me in an awe, her Love, her dedication, her enthusiasm, to do Every single thing with her smile, her spirit that always glows with her smile, most amazing of all, she’s a human being with a most wonderful Soul. I am indeed Thankful to God to i got to know her, she is an everyday inspiration not only for women & mothers, but for ALL of those who follow their dreams.

Do visit her Viaggio website here :
FB page for Viaggio Bracelet :
You can also find her on Twitter as : @YRJewelryGal
A sunshine that the brightens the lives by the rays of heart, which indeed like the morning rays of the sun touching all, you are truly brighter than a butterfly and knowing you, is indeed a gift, that can barely be expressed in words ~ Micro Poem for you Julianne 🙂


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