My Inspirations – II

Well, if you would have notice my first page got pretty dominated by the Amazingly Inspiring Ladies ;D….hahaha… here’s a page dedicated to the boys ;D!

–Sebastian St. George

The man himself - Sebastian St George

“Awesome” One word i can guarantee you’ll say after you know him for the man he is. I am truly honored to introduce to you Sebastian St. George, one of the most amazing people i’ve known. After a Tweet to some of his blog posts, i was in an Awe by his Humbleness and Generosity. Truly, its an honor to meet a man who has achieved success beyond that skies, who has worked and works hard to make his dreams come true, who always shows his Gratitude and appreciates those who send Love & Support his way. He is indeed outstanding by the inspiring light that he shares with all. The love for his work, the creativity, the hard work, the ‘magic’ as you can call it, can be truly seen in his work. I watched his video advertisement How much Fits into a Ford Fiesta ? for about 10 times or more. I am indeed inspired by the work that he does and the level of effort that he puts in to makes his Vision into a Reality, watch the video and you’ll see it for yourself ;D! And if isn’t that an inspiration in itself :D!.  An Amazing human being and a Wonderful soul who adds in his Love & Dedication to whatever he does, and you can see his amazing creativity flow in it, no matter whether it is an Advertisement, A Blog post or His Tweets.

More about him :

” Who is Sebastian St. George?  He can best be described as a Filmmaker; writer/producer/director, Social Media Progenitor, Consultant, Change Agent, Former Fashion CEO and Full-Time Rocker. Sebastian was a Ford Fiesta Agent in the highly acclaimed and groundbreaking Ford Motor Company marketing campaign “The Ford Fiesta Movement.” His video “How much fits into a Ford Fiesta?” can be seen playing at all Ford Motor Company dealerships throughout United States.  Sebastian just received along with his Executive Producer, Parris Harris, a 2011 Telly Award for their work in the Ford Fiesta Movement. He is a man with many talents and passions. His main thrust is producing and marketing and on any day can be readily seen gravitating towards projects with a high magnitude of responsibility. Sebastian has worked extensively in all aspects of the Music, Film and Fashion Industries and is a current member of the Producer’s Guild of America (PGA).  He is available for consulting.”

You can connect with him:
On Twitter : @YogaArmy
Do check out his Incredible blog :

An inspiration you are, by the work that you do, and the flows of kindness that you share, which indeed feels like a sunshine, to all those witness it ~ A short poem by me for you Sebastian :).


One thought on “My Inspirations – II

  1. THANK YOU Faizan! WOW BRO… TRULY HONORED…. DEEP MAN… I feel blessed to have some Amazing friends in my life right now and I greatly appreciate your friendship on the journey! It’s has been AWESOME! It’s also been awesome to watch your growth and it’s obvious in your current Tweets…. WOW… U have just totally gone / jumped to another level – your clarity and the quality of your tweets – which also personifies WHAT is going on in your life – the brilliance and your willingness to grow amidst the challenges and darkness & shine the light of your soul and share that with us. Wow! That is so cool 🙂 You ROCK!

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