Heartly Quotes

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Here, on this page are my feelings flowing from my Heart & Soul, taking the form of words :D! I Thank You all kindly for taking out time to stop by and read them :D!

The Soul doesn’t need to think, just let it flow ~ M. Faizan

Its not about the perfect picture, but its about your Light that flows through that lens. ~ M. Faizan

Don’t ever hold back from being yourself from, by and because of something or someone. ~ M. Faizan

Love is that feeling when the other’s smile can make your day ~ M. Faizan

Love is the feeling when even insomnia feels beautiful ~M. Faizan

When you make a place in someone’s heart, its sacred, so respect, cherish it and treat it with all your Love & Kindness ~ M. Faizan

Just let it all come from ur heart and all the pieces will fall in the right place ~ M. Faizan

Love is when day dreams are much more beautiful than dreams ~ M. Faizan

Look into yourself, you are much more than you can imagine … ~M. Faizan

Touch your heart and soul and you’ll never need to go anywhere to find peace ~ M. Faizan

Love strengthens, empowers and heals  ~ M. Faizan

When in Love and when you count ur blessings one by one your smile can never fade ~ M. Faizan

Smile because you woke up this morning, smile because you’ve got someone to say “I Love You” to, Smile because you can’t count ur blessings~ M. Faizan

Every thought has an outward projection, so let your thoughts be filled w/Love and you’ll realize how much you can Love ~M. Faizan

Never hold back or fear speaking the Truth. It is the blessing which can never be hidden and sets your heart free ~M. Faizan

Every experience whether good or bad has something to teach, don’t try to run away from it, but learn from it ~ M. Faizan

Do everything from ur heart, with Lots of Love, a pinch of Will, a spoonful of Determination & see magic unfold~M.Faizan

Man has been blessed with power, not to control the nature & the environment, but be one with it ~ M. Faizan

Every moment is a new beginning, a new journey, observe the power of each moment and see your present mold your future ~ M. Faizan

Difficulties, sadness and trials are but gifts to remind us of our blessings and cherish them a lot more ~ M. Faizan

Wake up with a smile, that’s your private sunshine ~ M. Faizan

You can never be hurt by the people you truly Love ~ M. Faizan

Be yourself, embracing your true self is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your heart & soul ~ M. Faizan

Share, sharing is one of the gifts that make your heart lighter ~ M. Faizan

Share, sharing is one of the greatest gifts u can give, bcoz the returns from it always come back in multiples ~ M Faizan

Fall in Love with what you do and you’ll feel time has slowing down & you’ll realize the plentifulness of each moment.~ M. Faizan

Love like a child, from your heart, beautifully, honestly, truly, fearlessly, selflessly and endlessly ~ M. Faizan

Love is the knot that holds the humanity together, it binds us to each other & gives us a sense of belonging no matter where we are~ M. Faizan

The essence of greatness from humility is seen & felt by the way a person handles criticism ~ M. Faizan

Love is the sunshine that makes you feel warm from the inside, no matter how cold it gets from the outside ~ M. Faizan

Love is the rose that blooms even when the sunshine casts away ~ M. Faizan

Love is the Spring which can bloom in your heart throughout the year ~ M. Faizan

Silence & Distance can be painful at times, but its during those times our Love is tested, sharpened & strengthened ~M. Faizan

There may be times when you may feel drawn away from Love, but its after those times you learn 2 cherish Love a lot more ~ M. Faizan

Wake up with a smile and you’ll feel your heart blessed by its warm sunshine ~ M. Faizan

Love is the force that clears your soul, strengthens your spirit and fills your actions with kindness & compassion ~ M. Faizan

Never in life, doubt or underestimate the power of your love, it will always be much more than what you can imagine ~ M. Faizan

Always remember & hold on to the moments when you realized & embraced your true destiny, its in those moments you find your true purpose and your true path ~M. Faizan

Deeply Love & Cherish what u have been blessed upon with, & not even an iota of greed will ever dare 2 step near u ~ M. Faizan

Always be Grateful towards God and be humbled when you see and feel His blessings upon you ~ M. Faizan

Do what you believe in with all your Love, Will and Compassion and don’t ever fear failure ~ M. Faizan

Share, for sharing never decreases anything, it blessings always come back in multiples and from roads & paths you couldn’t even imagine about ~ M. Faizan

Clear your souls and lighten your hearts, always forgive and forget the things of the past ~ M. Faizan

Love, Faith, Hope and Will are our greatest assets, always keep them by your side, no matter the times ~ M. Faizan

True Love can withstand all the challenges & trials thrown in its way, even the most difficult one, the trials of time ~ M. Faizan

Truly, the things that we acquire through patience, remain with us forever ~ M. Faizan

Sleep with a light heart & a clear soul and you’ll wake up with blooming with Love & Hope ~ M. Faizan

Let life flow with the breeze of Love & you’ll see the world at its most beautiful ~ M. Faizan

Love is the gift that sets your heart free and a blessing that sets your world in motion ~ M. Faizan

Love awakens your senses and opens your eyes to the true beauty around ~ M. Faizan

A Smile drawn from the heart spreads Light all around ~ M. Faizan

Efforts that flow from the heart are a most refreshing feat for the soul ~ M. Faizan

Life’s obstacles make you stronger and are like those invisible steps in disguise which help you grow ~ M. Faizan

Love, Kindness & compassion ignite & fuel true strength and courage ~ M. Faizan

Each dream begins with a first step, SO, Love, Believe & Have Faith in your dreams ~ M. Faizan

Touch your heart & soul and you’ll see all the doors opening ~ M. Faizan

A Smile drawn from the heart spreads Light all around ~ M. Faizan

Be your true self, and you’ll find the love, the peace, the answers, the reasons. ~ M. Faizan

No matter what comes your way, don’t let it eat you away. ~ M. Faizan


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