Flowing Creativity

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Welcome my lovely & amazing blog readers, here on this page “Flowing Creativity” i will be uploading photos which i have clicked on some recent vacations to Dubai. I hope you all enjoy watching my photos here. Thank you so much to all for taking out your precious time to see and comment here.

And i’ll be regularly updating this page, so do make sure to stop by to check out some new ones :D!

Blooming Flowers - Al Nahda Pond Park - Dubai - Summer '11

Skyline from Deira Dubai - Christmas '10

Christmas Tree at Deira City Centre - Dubai - Christmas '10

A view of Carrefour at - Al Mamzar - Dubai

Christmas Tree at - Mirdif City Center - Dubai - Christmas '10

Outside The Fashion Atrium - The Dubai Mall - Christmas '10

Reflecting Sunshine - Al Nahda Pond Park - Dubai - Christmas '10

Staring Smile - Al Nahda Pond Park - Dubai - Christmas '10

A view of Sheikh Zayed Road - Dubai - Christmas '10

Burj Khalifa - Dubai - Christmas '10

Reaching for the skies - Al Nahda Pond Park - Dubai - Christmas '10

Refreshing Sunrise - Al Nahda Pond Park - Dubai - Christmas '10

Mosque Beside Riqqa Road - Dubai - Christmas '10

Fountain by Al Riqqa/Murraggabat Road - Dubai - Christmas '10

Sunset Leaves - Dubai - Christmas '10

Lone Traveler - Al Nahda Pond Park - Christmas '10

Circulating Amber - Sunrise by my House - Christmas '10

Sunshine Through the Clouds - Christmas '10

Blazing Amber - Sunrise by my place on 05/01/2011

Flowery Arms - Christmas '10

Everyone feels Hungry - Lol! This is one my first shots for Food Photography - Taken after a hard morning full of Flower photography and insect chases - Summer '11


17 thoughts on “Flowing Creativity

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with us! Wow… I love them! I also love the name of this post Flowing Creativity. You have a fantastic blog filled with Luminous light & energy. I have to check in more often to experience the gifts you share 🙂

    The Best!!
    Sebastian St. George

    • Thank you so much for your kind & amazing words Sebastian :D! They do mean a LOT to me and i love to know what my readers think about my blog :D!. It makes me really so happy to know that you love the photos that i clicked :D!. I’ll be uploading more of ’em as time passes. Thank you so very much once again my friend :D!

    • You’re very welcome and Thank you so much Aline for your kind words :D!! Yes, i am really Thankful to God for giving me the opportunity go there and take some pictures :D!! And i pray & hope to God that i get more opportunities to go there and take some more wonderful pictures so that i can share them with all of you :D! Thank You so much once again :D!

    • Thank you so much for taking out time to see my photos and to comment here. And Thank you so much once again for being so amazing, wonderful & supportive, you’ve always taken out time to comment on my blog posts. Its indeed an honor :D!! Yes, i will try my best and If God wills then i will start a new blog for my photos where you all will be able to enjoy them :D!

  2. Faizan, aloha. So glad to connect with you here on your blog. Faizan, I absolutely love the title of this portion on your blog “Flowing Creativity,” how beautiful is that? The good feelings that the title brings forth in me bubble up and make me smile; a perfect state to appreciate yor photography.

    Faizan, you see very much as one with the flowers in your photos; truly exquisite. What I appreciate about your pictures of Dubai are the “ordinary” juxtaposed with the spectacular. After viewing them, I feel I have visited Dubai, strolled through the streets and done my share of sight-seeing–all from the comfort of my office. Faizan, thank you for taking me on this trip with you.

    Best wishes to you, my new friend, for a most excellent day. Until the next time, aloha. Janet

    • Thank you really SO much Janet :D!!! And a Hearty & Warm welcome to my blog. I am indeed speechless, its such a great honor to get a comment & reply back from you, Thank you so much once again :D!. I am so happy to know that you liked my photos so much and they are able to share the view of Dubai as i see it :D!!!

      Wow!!! and I am really so honored by your kind words too. Its truly my pleasure. You will not believe it, i have around 1200+ pictures of Dubai, God!! If God wills then i’ll set up a blog for my photography too very soon :D!!! And i also pray & hope that i get many more trips to Dubai so that i could take you to many trips like that.
      I strongly believe that : Its not about the perfect picture, but its about your Light that flows through that lens. ~ M. Faizan ; and i am so glad that God has blessed me with the ability to do so.

      Lots of Prayers & Best wishes your way too my new friend and also looking forward to an amazing friendship ahead. Hope you have a wonderful day ahead :D!!!

  3. What beautiful pictures! It’s 5 am. in Japan & I woke up too early. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I checked Twitter. Mayumi-sensei(@mayumi_ishihara)’s RT taught me about ur blog. Now I’m fully awake & mesmerized by ur pictures. U already made my day 😉 Thank u!!

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