The Flowers we forget to Pick

As usual my day oges and at the end of the day i was doing something……OKAY, i agree to it, was playing on my PS3, again :P. So, this time i was getting out of a town, where i am regularly in, the game, but this time i noticed that on the exit of the city, there’s always a flower, i collected amost all, but i didn’t notice this one, i was quite happy….Then again God inspired me.

God has created sunshine for us to see

This reminded me of how, God gives us signs, inspirations, ideas and so many lessons throughout our day, but at times people fail to notice them. I was going through a rough phase in the previous 2 weeks, that time none of this clicked my mind.
I then realized, it was so because all those days my heart and mind were closed, not that they were “closed” but it was i who didn’t let things get through them, see how God helped me to learn and notice that little thing in the game, i don’t think anything of this sort happened in those days…..

Why ? It was because my heart and mind were blocked by me and because of me letting all the chaos around get to me, i saw after that phase now that how many beautiful/wonderful things i missed.

These beautiful drops of wisdom, lessons and learning are always around us, but we see them when our souls, hearts, minds and our senses are open to it. I cherished the feeling of coming home and feeling warm after getting wet and driving in the rain, it just felt so beautiful to sit in my home, in my bed and just breathe…..i almost had tears in my eyes.

Life’s moments are just too precious to be wasting doing things that your soul and your heart don’t agree to or being sad, or depressed or letting anything get to you, its in these moments i felt so full and felt them slowing down, i almost had tears in my ees and Thanks to God for filling my heart with gratefulness in that/those moments.
I felt how special it was to be in this body, to be present in this world, where God has given YOU the ability, honor and potential to make a difference and to be special, unique and wonderful in your own way.

The picture says everything

And most of all to DO and be GOOD. You have the power to do something nice today, doing something that just makes God happy, it can be doing something for the homeless guy down the street, something for your neighbour, maybe for a friend, or for a colleague, your loved one, or maybe just yourself, by giving yourself a good amount of rest and relaxation.

These for me are flowers in our life and daily which we just forget to pick at times, or sometimes people are so jammed up with doing things without any good reason and just being jammed busy and not taking out times for such wonderful things.

I say myself i am guilty of this, as you know, i too am just a human. But i can’t Thank God enough for making me realzie this. He has His own way of doing things, at times we just “don’t let ourselves” to see the light “In” the tunnel, the light which God has blessed in our hearts :).

Just think of this, if we keep picking such wonderful flowers everyday in our lives, don’t you think these will slowly become a bouquet, a small garden, an orchard then…….an orchard filled with the beauty of these gifts, eventually making our life, feel like a nature’s gift.

That’s what happends when you give, share or show kindness, its God way of showing us that we too are a part of this nature, this world, we, the people of this world are in it, together, you never know when sharing a smile with a kid across the street or sharing a kind word with someone may make an impact in someone’s life, the rewards of which God will give you returns for.

Share kindness, you never know which action of your’s God may love

I truly believe that “You reap what you sow” and “Sowing” is just not a one time action, you need to nurture it conitniously, give it love and feed it, we must sow these in our lives, because these are not flowers that will wither, but they will stay with us, in our souls, hearts and minds, till the day we die. But in order for these flowers to not wither, there’s only one condition.
Keep nurturing it, because they will replensish your soul, fill your heart and refresh your mind.

On this note, i wish you all my readers have had a most wonderful week and wishing you all a most lovely weekend ahead


8 thoughts on “The Flowers we forget to Pick

  1. Hey, Mr. Clever!

    This is another excellent piece of great writing here! It’s very free flowing and effective and the message is very clear because those words come straight from your heart.

    Yes indeed, as humans, most of us can be consumed by our own emotion and let events and persons get to us. Until we realize that we control our own destiny, we can not be free. Good for you to go back to pick that flower …..and many more to come! Keep rocking!

    • Hey Beverly,
      Indeed, He inspired me for this one :). I Thank God for giving me the opportunity to share this one with everyone here :).
      Indeed, the same i pray, wish and hope for :).
      My apologies for the my late reply, hope you and your loved ones are doing great and wishing you all the most wonderful of days :).

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