Working your Heart’s Way


In the shadows for a while (Image is subject to the copyright of its owners)

Ooooh okay….i know, i know i’ve been “In the Shadows” for a while :P…..i had my readers asking me, that do i write blog posts anymore ? what’s happened to my blog ? WHY :O ?? LOL….and many other questions.

First of all, apologies to you lovely people, but i Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support and for hanging on, i am truly Grateful to God for all of you :))). Last 6-7 months, i’ve been through changes, rock crushing schedules, illnesses, ups and downs like “Man, this a Camel!!!”…and phew!!!

Well, this post was like a chain reaction to all the thinking that was goin’ on in my mind…….okay, i confess, i was thinking while devouring on some tasty Indian Alphonso Mangoes :P…….**Back to the point you distracted BOY!**….okay…**deep breath** 😛 …well, with the new things coming up, i joined Empire Avenue on Friday evening….loved the response there and Thanks to God for a friend i realized some new things. So, with Empire Avenue, i have been thinking of making a **Come Back :D!** on Social Media….that’s when….my mind & heart were like “Waaaaiiiiittttttt :D!”…it was like “Spot on” to the thought that was going on in my mind :D! I said, YES!

I was thinking about various things of how should i slowly and gradually step back into Social Media without letting it interfere in my life’s activities……well, God gave me that idea and it was something i realized i am always doing, but you know how you feel when you “Realize” that :).

The Way you Love, will be the way that seems the most beautiful to you.

For me, Thank God, there hasn’t been something like “a way” or “the way” for me when it comes to doing thngs, i always believe in that if there are certain guidelines to doing something, following those, i do things the way i like or to say in a way that comes to my soul & heart, something that resonates with them :).

Things settled, my mind calmed, i breathed deeply, looked around…..and i thought “Wow! Now that’s Clear!”, feeling that shiver which runs through your spine, i said, “Yeah, that’s what i’m gonna do.”

I realized that, that’s the thing which comes in when following/doing things that resonate with your soul and heart. There’s that sudden blast of peace and calm that runs through, with the silence that comes with it… feel you know the way and, you’re ready for action like “HELLS Yeah :D!”
That’s the point when i thought, why shouldn’t all of us do that when it comes to work, running an errand, doing something that people find monotonous, but YOU…..yes, YOU can do it!

Aaaaaand then memories popped in one after the other……That was one of the first lessons i learnt, How ?
Whenever we went for a vacation to Dubai as a family, it was my duty to do the dishes…..and since then i was very enthusiastic and energetic about, i loved it, still do and i really Thank God for that…..that was the time when it first hit my mind that doing things by the way that God has guided your soul/heart, there’s no doubt that you’ll fall in love doing that.

I had a had a bunch of posts which were in draft….still do, but it wasn’t that energetic for me to get up and write it…and well i lacked time, still do, but i thought, “I’ll make the best out of this!”

The Soul & Heart’s Joy, that’s a combined effort, that’s when that happiness is powerful enough to generate that much energy from within you, that you don’t get up, but you “ZOOM”, with a smile across your face when you do that.
There’s that sense of curiosity blooming within you, like that of a child, not only that, but start enjoying the journey/path to your destination, because you know, you’ve fallen in love and you are loving what you do, its because of “How” you are doing.

At times people do things a certain way and they “seem” bored and they “think” that what they are doing is boring….STOP right there, what if that what you’re doing, you are not doing “YOUR” way…so why not add something that spices it up a bit.
Well, i’ll give an example of myself, at times i have to write many theories and theoretical notes, usually i see other students are bored or they get bored and feel lethargic when it comes to writing those notes, Thanks to God i’m not like that, i LOVE writing notes…….Why ? I write them in a very stylish way that it makes fun for me, not only to write it, but also if someone reads it, they’d enjoy it too. And well, i’ve seen some others, they use different color inks according to the importance of the subject.

A little of what i write

And then, there’s simply the love of doing what you love, no matter how many times you do it, you always want to do it… know what, its not late to “Add” that love in the other things that which you might be doing and you find them boring.

Life and everything in it, is an Adventure, the more you spend each moment loving what you do, you’ll cherish those moments over the years to come. Not only that, you’ll see that love, and all the dedication, hard work, compassion that you’ve put into it by that love, Reflected in no matter what it is you do. There will be “Your” perfection that comes to it.

Ending this post with its final message.

So you know what, trying doing something that you do everyday, this time in a different way, where you feel all of that, when you feel that rush within you to get it done, not because you want to get rid of it, because you love doing it, because you enjoy it, because it is an extension, a part of YOU that you add in to whatever you do.

And then slowly, let that bloom and crawl into all of your life’s activities, then no matter what it is you wanna you do…’ll be like “HELLS Yeah :D!”

Coming to the end of this post **breathin’ deeply**…..YAYHOOO….i actually did this :D! Published a post after 6 months and 19 days….Thank God :D! And my lovely readers ‘n’ subscribers, Thank you, once again…..Never hesitate sharing your love via your amazing comments, likes, responses, retweets and much :).
Wishing you all and all your loved ones a most wonderful new week with many many blessings & best wishes :D!


5 thoughts on “Working your Heart’s Way

  1. Yep, you gotta do things in your own way. Dance to your own music, not anyone else’s, because only you can be YOU and that’s what makes you matter SO much. Looking forward to you doing your own thing in your own special way – that’s what the world needs more of.

    • Hey hey Anni : ). All my ever Gratitude to God : ). haha….yep, you can only do the best job of being you :). If God Wills, then for sure….i will :). Thank you so much for your Amazing comment :). Wishing you a wonderful day ahead :D!

  2. Hi Mr Clever!

    This is another piece of excellent writing–very natural indeed! Oh yes..It will be so perfect if we all can work in our heart’s way…won’t that be nice! Even if there is pressure for us to deviate from doing so, we still need to do our best to do what we want to do! And definitely “Practice Makes Perfect”..!!!!

    I also like your photo of your notes…this is cool..the real you…not clip art…LOL!
    So Keep writing, my dear friend…you are simply amazing!

    Lots of love,

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