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Clarity, Perception, Stress & other Mixtures in our Daily Lives

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Clarity, Perception & Stress (Image is Subject to Copyright of its owners) Well & the collage is mine ;D!

Another day in my life, struggling with sickness and the load of stuff that I had to do as the beginning of a new week came by, cold, minor food poisoning, breakdowns/metldowns, name it! God, it was like an Ordeal,………as I always say, “Each experience in Life, whether soft or hard comes with a learning for your growth ~ M. Faizan “…..well this had something new to teach.

I had to rush to a certain number many of places and that too each task with a time constraint…..woo hoo….now that’s quite a challenge. What I learnt was that, I had to stop taking any sort of stress/tension about all these tasks to complete, all I had to do is just focus on one of them , while not loosing focus on my health and the current task at hand.
I did hear a lot that “When you wish for something from your heart, the universe conspires it to give it you” well yeah, that’s exactly what happened, I was rushing between places and it so happened that I didn’t even had to wait for a single light, really! I was like “Whoa!” what’s happening, because usually when I rushed to multiple places I used to get ALL the lights on the way, I used to say “GEEZ Man! Why my at this time when I m gettin’ late….God!” and I started honking and trying to find a way out and God! That used to be nuts…..seriously!

Clearing your focus (Image may be subject to copyright of its owners)

I learnt that when you focus your mind towards one task at a time, your clarity increases substantially, your mind out of everything else, and aligning with your Heart and Soul, its beneficial for your body too, in reduces the stress levels, you are able to figure out alternative ways and solutions to achieve your task, your speed increases greatly, it reduces confusion and the mess that can happen, believe me, when I tried to rush with my mind in stress and a whole lot of things, I’ve had accidents, which is not good. Its like your mind clicks open, and wow, there’s a Rush of Calm and Peace, even if what you’re dealing with is a lot of work, and after those all minutes and moments of focus, when you’ll look at your achievement, you’ll see your beauty, creativity and light reflecting in that, making me understand, that

Clarity is such an important part of our lives, it’s like the windscreen of a car, if its blurred, unclear and etc. there are chances of the wrong things happening. Pertaining, our Perception. Its how we look at things that matter, if at that time I thought “This is a mess”….. I m quite sure it would’ve been an Ordeal for me to make it to all these places that too in perfect time, keeping your Calm active and running, and being centered even though so many things that happen around, that’s what matters.

Keeping your Perception focused at one goal at a time, putting your 110% into it, with all your heart & mind. The power of achievements that we have when we combine our hearts & minds is amazing.

Breathe......(May be subject to copyright)

Something that helps the most in times of stress…..Breathing…..close your eyes, only one long breath, with all your heart and soul, you’ll feel the energy around you, how in those seconds you breathe a million molecules and how your lungs convert them into oxygen, scientific, but now combine this with your Soul, you’ll feel a Deep immense energy running through you and energizing you.

The heart’s sound must always be active in us, which is Peace, and indeed it is 100% possible to achieve that Peace all 24 hours a day, I almost suffered a breakdown/meltdown this weekend, I was so stressed, and all it took was…………. just one opening drive to help me see what I was doing wrong, Indeed, Life’s Blessings comes from some of the most unexpected mediums.

We can multi-task, the power that we have to do things, its wonderful beyond words, so is our capability of achieving them and keeping up a positive attitude showers in the Love, Dedication and Sincerity in no matter what you do :).

Clarity........(Image may be subject to copyright)

When we take our Clarity and Perceptions to another level in combination with our Hard work, sincerity and dedication, we go beyond, we Love what we do, then the time that we spend doing, it doesn’t matter, nor do we take stress, as a result of which we are able to listen to what our body has to say, and step aside when our body sends the message. Like me, Hell i was writin’ this post yesterday, but then my eyes started drooping and the head started to spin i was like “whoa! that feels new……LOL”….i really mean the beginning something like that, and your mind continuously blinks “May Day! May Day!”…..hahahaha.

Well, that’s me :D! Very very human, with my own set of Awesomies and “GEEZERS!” in my daily life, with roller coasters, as i’d said in my post Challenges as we know Them I flow with the time, fighting against it is not the solution, this new De-stressing Wonderfully Awesome New Experience by the Graciousness of God has taught me a LOT more.

And as i’d written in a quote a long while ago and was reminded by someone who said the similar thing : Every moment is a new beginning, a new journey, observe the power of each moment and see your present mold your future ~ M. Faizan.

I Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading and commenting on my posts, i read each of them and its your Love, Enthusiasm & Response which makes me want to write a lot more……Another Thank You….with my hand on my heart.

By Staticulator (M. Faizan)

Lover of Nature, Poems, Chocolates, Daydreaming, Photography & loads of others stuff.
Love to blog my heart out, connecting with people, knowing more about them & I also like them to have a good opinion about me

7 replies on “Clarity, Perception, Stress & other Mixtures in our Daily Lives”

Great post again Faizan! After your Anger post, here is clarity coming! I guess one comes after the other! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experience and showing us a way to look at Life differently! Keep the words coming!!

Wow! Bravo! again, Mohammed!

This is another piece of excellent writing. It is very obvious that lots of thoughtful thinking have been put into this. Yes, indeed, when we have many important tasks to perform, we still need to attack them one by one—or one at a time because each task needs specific attention. The order of priority depends on your thinking. I usually list mine on a note as a number sequence depending on their urgency.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Taking the time to focus on the important. Aaah. What a great, refreshing post. I loved the images alone. You remind me that I need to focus on ONE thing at a time, and do it right, before moving on. Thank you.

I am inspired reading your posts. You often say what I long to be able to describe in words that’s just below the surface in me. Thank you.

Great to be connected with you in the social media realm as well!

Playful blessings,
Stan (aka @muz4now)

Things have a tendency to show up when you most need them… and this was it for me. Odd how the universe works. 😉

I’ve been struggling with focus lately and it’s something I’ve been working on. And you’re right, when you focus on the task at hand, you can get it done not only quicker, but more powerfully and with integrity and completion.

Thanks for the lovely reminder. It’s a work in progress for sure and reading this is just another way of the “universe” reminding me that to slow down, take a breathe and just be.


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