The Legacy of the Doctor : Feat. a Favorite Tv Show – Doctor Who

The Doctor Who Title - Image source : Google Search (Image is Subject to the Copyright of its Owners)

Just one of these sick days that i m going through, i remembered some episodes of Doctor Who a Science Fiction Tv show, well, memories & fun as my mind plunged into thoughts. In the recent Season of Doctor Who featuring a new or as fans know the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith. At first in a doubt as he was stepping into the shoes of a most honored show which began in 1963 and is still going on (Believe me!) and great character played by 10 excellent actors before him.
Undoubtedly, Matt being the youngest actor ever who’s played the role of the Doctor, won the hearts of the fans by his charm.

A little background into The Doctor :- He’s a 900year old Time Traveler (humanoid species known as Time Lord) from the planet Gallifrey who has spent his time traveling the universe in his Time Traveling machine : The TARDIS and protecting Planet Earth and its inhabitants. Wisdom, wittiness, strong will, compassion, kindness, intelligence just being a few of his traits. A man of Peace, he is always a child from within.

Matt Smith as The Doctor : Image is subject to the Copyright of its owners

And that role was perfectly played by Matt Smith. We saw moments of fun where he dips fish fingers into custard and moments where he uses his much needed intelligence and wisdom. And even at places proving that although having a younger body, his wisdom is that of a 900year old man, and the expressions, the dialogue delivery and acting by Matt, i must say, i m truly stunned. After the amazing impression the Tenth Doctor (David Tenant) had left in the minds of fans, i thought it would be very difficult for someone to take his place, but Matt handled it, Amazingly.

Two traits which i found most remarkable about The Doctor are him always being the child he is within and his Fearlessness. No matter the how big the challenge would’ve been, with these as a combination and keeping that witty and silly smile of his, he always finds a way out of any unexpected situation he has thwarted into. It really makes me smile to see those moments and have been really fascinated by them.

I find that real for Life too.

One of things i enjoy is learning more about a character, understanding its traits and Wow! i must say people know how to make them so inspiring. I am indeed inspired by the character of The Doctor. So those moments of wonder and fun watching this incredible show are indeed good.

Indeed being a child at heart is a most wonderful thing about life, the portrayal of The Doctor shows it how.  Being a man of Peace The Doctor never uses a weapon, but relies on his Love, wisdom, intelligence, fearlessness, his other amazing traits and his little Sonic Screwdriver [More in the Infographic below], by which he indeed leaves a wonderful impression on those who he has always helped, they remember him for his child like kindness and innocence and his empowering wisdom. Even at the most unexpected and shocking things thrown at him, he breezes through them with a smile which = Positive Attitude and about which i am sure is the solution to all the problems :D!

The story of The Doctor tells us that how much in a life time even after going through so much, we should & must always be the Child within us, Smile and Always be Shiny Positive, that’s when we find a true way out. Always being Excited, Enthusiastic, Crazy, Fun Loving, Joyful and Loving about whatever and however we do it. That things happen in life, and also they come and go, Life is all about Enjoying and living it to the best and Happiest in each of the moments. In the episode “Big Bang” when The Doctor is ready and is sacrificing himself and has barely any hopes of coming back, even in that Bleak moment, he’s shown to have hope, that ray of light within his heart that he will be out of it and he will come back and guess what, he does. This tells us how important Hope is in our lives, even though at times by the circumstances it may “seem” that there is none.

I like to get some great/good inspiration from some amazing things that i watch/read and it is indeed wonderful an amazing :D!

I hope you all enjoyed this little post, still been very busy and having a cold, hoping to be back at the soonest :). Thank You so much for taking out your time to read it and comment here, i end my post with an Amazing Infographic by  Bob Canada . Do let me know what you think about it in the comments below :).

The Doctor Who Infographic by Bob Canada (Click to see larger image) (Image is subject to copyright of its owners)


20 thoughts on “The Legacy of the Doctor : Feat. a Favorite Tv Show – Doctor Who

  1. This was such a fun read. I’ve actually not seen Doctor Who, but intend to check it out after reading your post. I agree with you in that reading about other people ( real or made up ) can inspire and encourage us to change, maybe even try new things. Thanks for sharing with us lovvie! I look forward to your next post!
    Your friend,
    Veronica Schultz, The Soul Whisperer

    • Oh Hey Veronica :D!!!
      Wahooo…..such an honor seeing a comment from you here :D!!! hahaha…..Thank you so much :D!!!
      Oh yes indeed, i completely agree with you on that one :D!!!
      All my Gratitude to God. Its truly my honor to share it with all of you amazing people :D!!! Thank you so very much once again, i will :).

      With Lots of Blessings, Love & Hugs.
      M. Faizan :D!!!

    • Hey hey Tony :D!!!
      A warm and hearty welcome to Monologues of a Day Dreamer :D!!!

      Wooohooo……i got another Pal here who loves the show **Hi5** to that :D!!!
      Well its All my Gratitude to God i could share all of this with you 🙂
      Indeed watching The Doctor has been an amazing experience 🙂

      With Lots of Blessings, Love & Hugs
      M. Faizan :D!!!

  2. OH good I am not alone and aging myself by saying ‘I remember that show, too!’ Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places, don’t they Faizan? 🙂 Thank you for sharing and I hope you feel better really soon!

    • Hey hey Jean :D!!!
      Wahooooo…..soooo nice to see you here :D!
      Thank you so so so very much for reading my post :).

      A Big YES! indeed :D!!! Inspiration comes from some of the most unexpected places :D!!!
      All my Gratitude to God that i can share all of this with you, its been an Amaaaaaaazing experience, Thank God :D!!!

      hahaha….Thank you so much once again….If God wills i’ll be back in no time :D!!!

      With Lots of Blessings, Love and Hugs
      M. Faizan :D!!!

  3. Amazing post Faizan! There is always some kind of Magic when we can find inspiration in fiction and apply it in our Life.. Sending much Love for your well-being. Btw, you should write more often.. you’re good at it!! ;-))

    • Oooooh Yeahoo Aline :D!!!!

      hahaha… so so Happy happy to see a comment from you :D!!!
      All my Gratitude to God :D! SO glad you love it :D!!!

      Yes, yes, yes………there’s truly wonder in inspiration from fiction :D!!!

      Aww, that’s so nice of you……Thank you so much once again, that means a lot to me :D!!!

      Yes, Inshaallah i will 😀 😀 :D!!!

      With Lots of Blessings, Love & Hugs
      M. Faizan

    • Heyahooo Grace :D!!!!

      All my Gratitude to God :D!!! SO glad to know you love my posts, it means a LOT to me :D!!!
      hahaha…..yes, as i said to Aline, InshaAllah (If God wills) then SURELY i am writing more :D!!!!

      With Lots of Blessings, Love and Hugs.
      M. Faizan :D!!!

  4. Bravo! Mr Clever!

    I haven’t watched that show for a while but I can imagine how captivating it can be! Dr Who will be Dr. Who!
    By the way! This is another piece of good writing! Love it with all my heart!

    • OooohYeahooo Jenny :D!!!

      All my Ever Gratitude to God, as everything’s truly His Love & Blessings :D!!!

      Woweeeees!!!! Yes, do surely watch it again, i m sure you’ll LOVE it 😀 😀 :D!!!!
      Wonderfully said The Doctor will remain The Doctor :D!!!!

      All my Gratitude to God again & again. Thank you soooooooooooooo much, that means a LOT to me :)).

      With Lots of Blessings, Love & Hugs
      M. Faizan

  5. Mr M,

    You’ve done it again. I adore your words, am inspired by your approach, and as always, drawn into your thoughts through your expressions of them. Thank you for taking the time to share your heart!

    PSYRadiantLight (Jo)

    • Hey Hey Jo :D!!!!

      Wahooo :D!!!! Welcome to Monologues of a Day Dreamer :D!!!
      All my Gratitude to God :))). Oh wow, that’s indeed so nice and wonderful of you and know, it means a Lot to me :)). Thank you, Thank you and Thank you SO much :D!!!
      I appreciate your kind words, comments and you for taking out the time to read my blog :D!!!
      Hoping you have a wonderfully amazing new week ahead :D!

      M. Faizan

  6. Faizan, thanks for sharing about Doctor Who, never seen it but now have an idea what it is about. You’re so right we always should keep a child inside us, although life throws some things at us that really abuse that child, but we must never give up!!! I hope you’re getting better with your cold! Try not to study too hard, drink a lot of water and rest. Hugs!!!

    • Hey hey Olya :D!

      Wonderfully awesome seeing you here :D! hahaha…..well then make sure you do ;D!
      All my Gratitude to God :). Yes, in the daily life, that child gets hidden away by many, but its during all these times and busy day, in every single of our activities, we must be who we really are, the child within :).
      Hahaha… cold hit the 5 week anniversary on Saturday :D!!! I will my friend, Thank you so much for your advice and care, it sure does mean a lot to me 🙂

      Hope your weekend was Amazing and you have a Wonderfully beautiful new week ahead :D!
      M. Faizan

  7. M,

    I am a big fan of the Doctor : ) I have watched it since I was a little girl.
    I have to say I like the new episodes much better..
    Sorry to read that you are sick hope you feel better soon.

    I am also sorry I don’t get to read and comment on more of your posts. BlogNostics takes up so much of my time… Please forgive me.



    • Hellloooooo to Monologues of a Day Dreamer Jessica :D!!!

      Oh Woooooow!!!! I m so happy to meet and know another fan…..wahooo…..its quite fun filled journey and experience only watching this Amaaaazing show :D!!!

      Yes indeed, the new ones are great, Thank God :D!!!

      Its completely fine my friend, no need to apologize at all :D!!! I Thank you with all my heart for taking out your time to read my post and commenting here :D!!!

      With Blessings, Regards & Love
      M. Faizan

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