Challenges as we know them.

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Challenges give a New Meaning (Image found via Google)

Challenges…….what are they ? I kept on thinking as i saw many new things entering my life, and after going through a lot of things that went by and as i stood in a new view of clarity.

When we bring out the word “Challenge” usually its taken as something which is tough, something for which you need to put on your game face on and ram it with everything you have….BAM! So it was for me too a while ago, as i heard the word “Challenge” i tightened myself up and words came to my mind “Its Showtime!” or “Im gonna take this down!”

But i realized its not always so.

Recently, since i have been back to my normal, busy and at times really exhausting schedule, i felt things around me taking me to a wonderful ride. As things changed, because i was off for a month and before this break i had, my schedule was different and this what came forward to me being relatively new, i am all excited about it, yet, as it has started and i am implementing it. At times i’ve seen people say, “We don’t get time”….i’ve always wanted to say them, my friend, “We all have the same time, its what we do in that much amount of time and how we do it really matters. One thing i learnt in life, the moment you stop giving excuses, Your Life will go for an amazing change!

I saw myself falling into this new time constraint, things started tightening around, many many things to handle together, although i efficiently did a lot of things and had started to juggle some and ignore some, and my focus went out of track for a short while….wham!!! A new Challenge……..Take a break! STOP! i had to say to myself.

Work on yourself and see your capabilities soar (Image found via Google)

What’s going on ??? What i realized was that i had to start focusing more on myself rather than the things i’ve gotta do, the more i build up and grow myself, the more the things i do will be done in a much better manner, i had to build a foundation, i had to be efficient, sharp, awesome, time bound, tactical, precise and strong. Focusing on each of the qualities one by one wasn’t the trick, i had to be clear, i had to be myself. Things happen in life due to which you get clouded, in these times, hold on to what you are and your true capabilities, the cloud passes away, always.

I saw that i didn’t have to fight the Challenge and win against it, but i had to flow with it. A wise man once said, surrendering at times is also the strongest thing to do. We can’t fight time or stop it, we must all flow with it, and make the best of what we have with us.

Life presents us with challenges at many many different levels, the amazing thing about challenges is that they are different, and each time when we face those different challenges we are in a different state of mind. They become like a stepping stone for growth for us. It puts us into this new state of mind/consciousness. Presenting us with moments of transformation & realization. Ways and ideas to go around, its like a new state of our minds, where our creativity and the potentials of our minds are released in this new way as new thoughts & ideas start pouring in.

What i learn’t after a few failures was that always Winning the Challenge isn’t important, what matters is how you dealt with it, what you learnt from it and how it helped you to grow, how it helped you to become better, bring out your true self, take you to another level, make your realize your true potential.

We all have the True capability of overcoming our Challenges (Image found via Google)

That’s the true meaning of Overcoming a Challenge.

What surprised me is the thought that some people are afraid of challenges, they dwell in this fear and limit their life to an extent where everything they are is undermined and so are they, due to which they are unable to harness the best out of themselves. That’s the worst thing to do, don’t ever do that, each Challenge is beautiful and has something to teach.

Some challenges might put you in a state of difficulty, or in a tight spot. But its during those times that focusing on yourself and the situation around you really matters, there’s always a way out, what matters is the Will. If there isn’t a way, then make one, but do your best, so that even if God forbid failure touches you, it will actually be a victory for you, you’ll know your true capacity, the limitlessness and the capabilities that you have.

They can be expected or unexpected, what matters is how we deal with those challenges, they can arise from anywhere, At work, with family, in our daily lives for eg. having problems with your vehicle and you’ve gotta make it somewhere and many of them.

Challenges, like pieces of a puzzle (Image found via Google)

Challenges are like an unknown puzzle, each time when we find a new piece and join it with the puzzle of our life, something new is revealed to us, something which we hadn’t seen, felt or understood before. Challenges not only create new perceptions till they last, but they also give us the idea to look through those perceptions later.

In all, Challenges are a phase in our lives, they push us to our maximum. They are beautiful as they bring out the best in us, so go on, never be afraid of Challenge, give it your best and all that you have, have a lot of fun in the process & most of all Enjoy :D!

I hope you all enjoy this post :D! We all have Challenges in our lives, i shared one of my own, what have your challenges been ? how has it been able to inspire you & help you to learn more, would Love to hear from all of you :D! A heartfelt gratitude to all for taking out your time to read my post and comment here :D!.


15 thoughts on “Challenges as we know them.

  1. Faizan,
    Thank you for bringing awareness on what makes us all learn and grow as Human beings and of course, consciousness. The way we deal with Challenges is the way we deal with the concept of “Death”. Something where the eyes may recognize end of something and when from a greater perspective the Heart knows: Life goes on..
    Blessings to you!!

    • Hey Aline :).
      Its an honor to see a comment from you here :D!!! And Its again an honor for me to share it with all of you :).
      In short, yet mystically beautiful words you’ve described that how challenges might appear sometimes, but they always have a secret beauty and something to reveal :).

      Lots of Love, Hugs & Blessings your way too :). Have a most wonderful weekend :).

  2. You’ve really identified some important items of awareness here. The awareness of self. That we matter, even when we have a billion different things pulling at us in life. If we’re not taken care of, then they don’t matter at all, because we’re not going to be able to do them!

    • Hey Christian ;D!

      Welcome to my blog :). Its amazing to get a comment from you :).

      Yes indeed, the awareness of self, at times we give so much time & attention to other things that we forget to give time to ourselves, and as you said, we’ve gotta take care of ourselves first, because when we take care of ourselves, the other things that we do, will by themselves come to the right track.

      Thank you for taking out your time to comment here :). Wishing you an amazing weekend ahead :D!

  3. Faizan how true! We all live in our own world and each of us has our own challenges, it what we do and how we react that counts. Make a challenge a fun thing, take a tough challenge and label it as a bump in the road or use it as a stepping stone to bigger and better thing; just don’t quit or give up!

    • Hey Jean :D!

      Yes indeed, we all have challenges in our lives and its what we do and we react really matters :D!
      Wow, so beautifully said my friend ;D! Challenges are fun indeed they are beautiful, they add the sense of fun and adventure, its how we take those challenges and face them, they are truly an amazing & learning experience.

      Thank you so much for your kind & amazing comment here :D!
      Hope you have a most amazing weekend ahead ;D!

  4. Some problems cannot be resolved. The more one attempts to resolve it, trying to return the status quo, or bring about some change one imagines, all this at times takes us further and further down a spiral staircase that may never end. Complexs may rise that were perhaps never there in the first place. It is a delicate venture to resolve a challenge that is of a psyschological nature in my view. Thus, some challenges cannot be resolved but only “dissolved” as like ice in water. Which challenges best fit this approach, now that is a challenge worth inquiring. To respond to violence with violence is an utter failure of the human spirit. So in this case of challenges to bring more force, mental & emotional force, to bear upon the matter one has perhaps lost the battle before it’s begun. Things presented as a challenge or seen as such are sometimes wake up calls, not only of a practicle nature. But if resolving practicalities is the goal what small reward. Perhaps questioning is a help, to ask in the face of a challenge, if it is really a challenge. I do not refer here to some very serious challenges many on the planet are going through, many of the poor and oppressed, their challenge very real challenge, the challenge for survival, for life itself. Those of us who are free of this burden are fortunate without knowing it fully at times. Thus perhaps in the face of challenges to begin in humility is a way out.

  5. Great post! This is the kind of advice we should all strive to follow. Faiz,the warmth and honest in your writing is truly inspirational!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Kathy :D!

      Welcome to my blog :D! All my Gratitude goes to God for helping me to understand and realize this :).
      Thank you so much for your kind & wonderful words, they mean a lot to me :).

      I again Thank God for giving me this opportunity to share this with all of you :).
      Wishing you a wonderful new weekend ahead :D!!!

  6. Hey, Mohammed!

    This is an excellent piece of writing here! I have enjoyed reading it.

    I think challenges are with us from the minute we are born into this world. From a new born child learning to gasp for the first breathe of air to first cry are among the first challenges. Then the baby learns to crawl, sit, walk and talk. The progression of growing up is full of challenges and yet we all managed to pass these steps with distinction.

    Then as adults, we have more complicated challenges. I call them “risk zone” or “out of comfort zone”. As we step out of our comfort zone, we find ourselves facing a challenge because it is something that is alien to us and our human nature tells us to move away from that strange uncomfortable surrounding. But we also know that we can not advance or grow if we stay in the comfort zone all our lives. Crazy as it may sound, it is said that most of us are willing to take risks because the end results are so much sweeter. You are so right about the fact that challenges push us beyond our limits and bring the best out of us! Many beautiful things are created and made because people are willing to put extra effort into making them.

    Once again, thank you for sharing! It is simply amazing!

  7. dear Faizan,
    You have a simple way of explaining things which I really like, and yes Life is a constant Challenge, which we have to fit with the puzzle of our lives.
    warm regards

  8. Excellent Faizan! Thank you for sharing your experiences and awareness! You raised many great and important considerations 🙂 Winning is important but it is not everything. I love what you said:

    What i learn’t after a few failures was that always Winning the Challenge isn’t important, what matters is how you dealt with it, what you learnt from it and how it helped you to grow, how it helped you to become better, bring out your true self, take you to another level, make your realize your true potential.

    Awesome Bro!!!!

  9. Faizan, you write so much, how do you get the time? 🙂 Great post as usual!! I have so many challenges in my life that often If there is challenge dealing tool somewhere just for me 😀

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