A Break to a Journey of Discoveries III of III

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A Long Road Ahead and The Journey Continues. (Image found via Google Search)

(This is the 3rd part of this post. My amazing & lovely regular readers already know about it, a Warm Welcome to my wonderful & incredible new readers, here are the links to the previous parts.  Part – I : http://wp.me/p1lE4S-3s And Part – II :  http://wp.me/p1lE4S-4N )

My Sister also reminded me about my creativity. You can do all the work you can and you want to, as a result of that, creativity starts building up and you need to release it, or it keeps piling up and as a result you might start loosing interest in your work slowly. I realized how important it was for me to bring out my creativity, work is necessary, but I also have to take out time for it, use every moment at its best.

Release Your Creativity - Image found via Google Search :D!

Never mind if you draw like a 2 year old or take pictures like an old man, just release your creativity in any way you might love, something you’d love to do. And it feels great, yeah you’ll feel proud of those things too…..Lol ;D!

Really, every single moment is wonderful , God did put me through this phase to evolve and to understand and to bring out my true self much more towards my work and be my 100%, because there will not be another me.

Mind, Body & Spirit - Align them and you'll feel the power of your possibilities (Image found via Google Search)

Well, my mind and soul aligned in harmony, it was time to take up my body. Its necessary that you keep your body fit & strong in whichever way you can and the convenience of time that you have no matter what it is , Push Ups, Jogs/Runs/Walk, Yoga, some form of Martial Art or anything else. It keeps your Mind, Body & Soul together as one, strong, firm, concrete and fixed towards your goal and tasks

With these 3 spheres together in an alignment, I m quite sure you can excel in whatever you take up to.

Whoa and, that smile….haha ;D!! Always wear it, its something that projects out a LOT of positivity and someone might just fall in love with it ;D!!.

Now, I really don’t need an alarm to wake up for what I want to do, seriously 😀 😀 :D!!! Its my dreams that wake me up and keep me awake, there was never a time that I woke up since 5:30 am and then couldn’t sleep until I did some work :D!.

There may be people that may say something and do something to make you feel down, don’t let anything from the outside affect you from the inside and it cannot, and they can never have any power over you nor you should give them the power to. The moment you notice or feel that there is someone trying to compete with you or something, that my friend, is Good News ;D! It means that you’re making a great progress and people around you are noticing it. Don’t be afraid of that and try to make a run for it and compete with that person, just go at the rate you are & you can , because jealousy and fear limit how much you can be yourself, so don’t let someone else’s jealousy affect you nor be jealous of someone, it’s a very base and low feeling and it blocks your greatness and ability to truly love and do something.

And also there will be people who love & know you, they may use harsh words, just to spite you so that you could feel that challenging spirit to prove them wrong. Its hard to notice them at first. But from the inside, they know what you are capable of and only wish and pray for your success.

Each event was step, on one of the final days i had a most wonderful experience, that feeling that it left me with has been incredible……..Okies, you guys wanna know about it 😀 ?? Lemme know in the comments below ;D!

Blooming to New Beginnings - Photo by Me (M. Faizan S.)

I’d first like to Thank God and then Thank you so much Sis, I m blessed by God to have you in my life and My dear & supporting friend, and all of you who are here :- http://wp.me/P1lE4S-1z  among them are friends, some people who I had a only a tad bit of conversation with, but they always spread kindness and happiness with their lovely words, wishes and Blessings, took out time to read & comment on my blog. Well, it was that little kindness of yours that twinkle like stars in a night sky and you’ve inspired me.

And a heartfelt Thanks to all my dear & amazing readers, Tweeps, Twiends & folks :D!

I Love all of You with all my heart.

It really sounds like a story, but its so much true and what all I’ve been through.


29 thoughts on “A Break to a Journey of Discoveries III of III

  1. Thank you for the timely reminder to honor the physical with care. I do believe we are walking, dancing temples, so there is much beauty to tend and experience. That holy trinity of body, mind, and spirit rings true in so many ways. And remembering to smile is great advice. My journey took me on a long road of actually hating my body for years due to various abuse issues. So much shame shrouded my body that I would not allow myself to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Luckily, over many years, that is changing. I am able today to look at my body as part of the whole package of being a child of God. It is a treasure all its own to be reveled in and celebrated. But it took a lot of time and many tears to come even close to this place. I say that because I am not after the temporary high of an emotional buzz–I’m after serenity and a deep connection to soul. I am after the thrilling and yet humbling experience of using the gifts God gave me for the service of others and for my own simple enjoyment. And all of it–all of it gets channeled through the vessel of the body in some way–fingers typing, voice singing, arms embracing…So yes–rejoice in the body by taking care of the body, and take care of the body by rejoicing. Cheers and thanks, Joseph Anthony of the Wonder Child Blog

    • Hey Joseph :D!

      Its truly my honor. Yes indeed, as i wrote in a quote of mine, Align your Mind, Body & Soul and feel the power of your limitlessness ~M. Faizan. Yes, a smile is like a candle, when lit, has the power to light up countless more. Our souls in the physical form that God has blessed us with is truly a miracle & power He has blessed us with is unimaginable :).

      I kindly Thank you for the bottom of my heart for taking out your time to read my post & commenting on it :).
      May God always bless you & your loved ones with immense Happiness & Love :D!!!

  2. You bring out interesting points here! I used to think that creativity comes hand in hand with work. At least that’s what happens to me! My creativity peaks when I am inspired by something that is closest to my heart and I will be filled ideas for any forth coming project!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Jenny :D!!!

      Yes indeed, our creativity is expressed in our work and also when we work, we build up & keep piling up creativity, and then when we release it in one form or another, we see the beauty of our own hearts reflected in them :). There are many many ways to release your creativity, even doing what your heart loves to is a form of creativity :D!!!

      Thank you so much for taking out your time to read my post & commenting here :D!!!
      Wishing you many many Wonderful days ahead :D!

  3. I enjoyed your post and in particular your beautiful photos of flowers. You are very lucky to have such an amazing sister to encourage you to find your “Greatness”

    You are on an amazing journey, thank you for sharing it with us.

    Jackie xix

    • Hey Jackie :D!!!

      All my Gratitude to God. Thank you so much for reading my post and commenting on it with all your lovely & beautiful words :D!!! Yes indeed i m blessed by God, He sent her at just the perfect time :). Everything is His Love & Blessings, and my gratitude will never be enough to Thank Him for his blessings, one of them being an amazing friend like you :D!

      A heartfelt Thanks once again for taking out your time to read my post & comment here :D!!!
      With lots of Prayers, Love & Hugs, wishing you have many many Wonderfully lovely days :D!!!

  4. I like what you said here,especially about the fact that there are people that can break us & make us feel down. We can fight back & not let it happen & to keep smiling. I agree!!! 🙂

    • Hey Grace :D!!!

      Thank you so much for all your persistent kindness, love & support :D!!! No one can ever break us or make us feel down, nor do they have any power over us. God has indeed Blessed us with incredibly strong souls & spirits which are composed with Love from where comes our true strength :D!!!

      My prayers & best wishes that May God always bless you & all your loved ones with immense Happiness & Love :D!!!

  5. MF, aloha. What a magnificent post. You always find such great images. The photo of the child’s hands smeared with paint made me smile because it is such a perfect representation of the fun of creativity.

    Love that you are working on your body so that all 3 spheres will be aligned for you. Being in alignment makes all the difference in how we think and what we do, don’t you agree?

    MF, I wanted to share a beautiful quote that was shared with me today. Since it seems you are preparing to take flight, I believe it is a perfect fit. Here’s the quote from my friend Marcus Baker in Australia:

    “How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar” ~ Michael Motley

    Wishing you a magnificent day of creativity and the freedom to fly. Aloha. Janet

    P.S. Thx so much for linking back to that article of your friends. When I read it, I was amazed to discover that it was almost 4 months ago. WOW!

    • Hey Janet :D!

      Thank you so much for all your kind & amazing words :D!. Yes, creativity is fun, a lot and no matter where you apply it, it blesses what you do with its beauty. :D!

      Yes, yes it is very very important to keep your body up with the mental work you do. It brings about a major difference in how & what we think and do and also in our lifestyles.

      That’s a wonderful quote, life is about loving the busy, i love whatever i do, may it be the smallest thing like reading, or preparing for something big like an upcoming event, i don’t mind giving in all my 7days of the week and 12 hours of each of my day. Its that wonderful feeling that keeps me running, I sincerely Thank God for that :D!

      You’re most kindly welcome Janet :D! Yes, i published it 4 months ago and i keep adding in more & more amazing people there :D!

      Thank you so much once again & Hope you have a wonderful new week ahead :D!

  6. I like the freshness of your posts they show us how you see life, always from the bright side, you´re blessed to be sorrounded by so many people that love you.

    • Hey Magali.

      I give all my Gratitude to God for blessing me with amazing people people like yourself :D!!! Life is indeed bright, a beautiful lesson, a new wisdom in each experience :D!!!.
      Thank you so much for taking out your time to comment here :D!

      Hope you have a wonderful new week ahead :D!
      M. Faizan

    • Hey Danielle :D!

      All my Thanks to God :D! Thank you so much for your lovely & wonderful comment, that means a lot to me my dear friend :D!!!. I m blessed to know a wonderful person as yourself, Thank you so much always for all your love & wonderful support :D!

      Hope you have a fantastic new week ahead :D!
      M. Faizan

    • Hey Susie :D!

      I give all my Gratitude to God :D! Thank you so much for stopping by to read my post & comment here, it means a lot to me :D! Wow, that indeed sounds amazing :D! Haha….yes when the word Hawaii is heard, you get a wonderful vision of the nature that surrounds that place :D!

      Thanks again and ;
      Have a wonderful new week ahead :D!

  7. Happy to know you are finding balance and rhythm in your journey. I like what Pablo Picasso said about creativity: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

    • Thank you so much for your kind words & support Kathy :D! Yes indeed, all my Gratitude to God for it :D!. Its these journeys in our lives that God blesses with changes the way we look at life, giving us a much Wonderful & Beautiful view :D!!!

  8. There are so many moments that we miss because we’re not aware enough. So many people we meet who change our life forever although we’ve never met them and never will. So many opportunities offered and so few ones we actually dare to catch. It takes a great heart to have been aware of the moment, the person and the opportunity to share and grow. Thank you for sharing your story with us. May it inspire many to look at Life in the greatest way, listen to their heart a little more, embrace the moment for what it has to offer and enjoy their journey wherever it takes them.
    Bless You Faizan for this touching writing.

    • Hey Aline :D!

      First, All my Gratitude to God, we can’t Thank Him enough for His Love & Blessings upon us, all of it :D!

      Its truly been my honor & pleasure to share my journey with all you :D!. Its God’s miracle & blessings that how people come into our lives & touch it in the most wonderful & unexpected way, filling it with Love & Wonder. Thank you so much for taking out your time to read it, for your amazing comment & all your kind & wonderfully true words, which are filled with so much Love, Happiness, Joy & Beauty.

      Thank you so much once again & May God always bless you & all your loved ones with Lots of Happiness & Love.

  9. Faizan it is always a breath of fresh air to see how you connect the elements that we all take for granted. Perfect alignment of mind, body and soul will be difficult for some and easy for others. You have given us a great recipe to achieving that perfect alignment! Thank you for sharing a little bit of ‘you’ for all of us. 🙂

    • Hey Jean :D!!!

      First, All my Gratitude to God :D!

      Thank you so much for your lovely & beautiful comment, it made me Smile as i read it :D!!! Your words are so beautiful & refreshing :D!. Its truly God’s Blessing that He helped me understand how important it is that the Mind, Body & Soul work together in alignment of their best, which in turn brings the best out in us and whatever we do is then beautified by the Love we put into it :). Its truly been my pleasure & honor :D!.

      Thank you so much once again & May God always Bless you & all your loved ones with Lots of Happiness & Love :D!

  10. Exactly Mohammad, healthy soul for a healthy body & vice versa, I do not need alarm chock to wake up” this is the greatest challenge, challenging time ,weakness, tiredness, …,is already a great achievement !
    Blessing for both you & your sister 🙂

    • Hey Fatin :D!

      Its truly a pleasure & honor seeing you here :D!. Love for whatever we do is a most wonderful feat, God Blesses us and reveals to us our true capabilities and potential so that, no matter what the challenge is , we will always have the power to face it and no matter what the result is, we’ll always be Blessed with Happiness, as Life is a Learning and everything that touches our life has a reason which is always a stepping stone to our growth & success.

      As i said in the Part – II of the post, something my dear friend taught me, “Whatever God does is for our best, we might not like it, but its for our own good and we must trust His decision.” Its truly wonderful, as Life is a BIG Blessing in itself :D!.

      Thank you so much for all your lovely blessings, for taking out your time to read my post & commenting here :D!

      May God always Bless you & all your loved ones with Lots of Happiness & Love :D!

  11. Faizan, you write so good, I like to read ur writings, they are so easy to understand and such a lift up for my mind. Thank you for putting ur energy and effords into something which not just shares your life and experiences but helps others to draw from those experiences and simple puts a smile on their face. Lots of hugs to you my friend!

    • Hey Olya :D!

      All my Gratitude to God :D!
      Its SO wonderful to see your amazing & lovely comment here :D! I Thank God for everything, and it truly makes my heart happy to share with all of you :D!!!

      Thank you so much for your lovely & amazing comment here :D!!! Its the comments of wonderful people like you who makes me SO happy all the time and my heart wants to keep on sharing with all of you :D!!!.

      Lots of Hugs to you too.
      May God always Bless you & all your loved ones with Lots of Happiness & Love :D!!!

    • Hey June :D!

      All my Gratitude to God :D!!
      A hear warming welcome to you my friend :D!!!
      Thank you so much for all your kind & lovely words :D!!! Hahaha….yes, i truly Thank God for the Blessings that He has bestowed upon me :)).

      Its truly my honor & pleasure to share with all of you :D!!!
      A heartfelt Gratitude for the comment And ;
      May God Bless you & all your loved ones with Lots of Happiness & Love :D!!!

  12. Hello Faizan! I love your heartfelt blogs! Your photography is AWESOME! ALL of your blogs have such a ring of truth and honesty to them that it is refreshing! I love your perspective and reflection on the things that move and touch you life. THANK YOU for sharing!

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