A Break to a Journey of Discoveries – II of III

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My dear & amazing readers, Thank your SO much for all your Love & Support. Here’s the IInd part of my post. If you haven’t checked it out yet, then here’s the link to “A Break to a Journey of Discoveries – I of III

A Journey - II - (Image found via Google & may be subject to the copyright of its owners.)

And also with me were the wise words of a dear and supporting friend, who said that, whatever God does is for our best, we might not like it, but its for our own good and we must trust His decision.

On the first day of my break, I started to work up to 5 times more than what I did normally, it was a feeling just so great.

One of the things that my Sis taught was Letting Go. These 2 words have a diverse meaning but, I had to let go off the things and events that took place in the past. Even though it was my success in the past that I had to let go because it could build up a sort of pride which would let me down. It was amazing, I went through a sweet & sour cocktail of emotions, but this all had to come out. I felt the emotions coming out, all that time, i was holding myself back, i felt my heart open up, it was ‘work’, but it was a circle of my life where my true self was hidden away for almost a year, i went through transitions of emotions in this trip, but it was all worth it. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ :D!!!

We do make some wrong decisions and wrong choices, but everything that happens with us in our lives, ย we learn from it. We can not change the past, so its something we should never hold on to nor its worth to holding on to.

Its that of our present, the choices that we make in the present and the reasons we make those choices forms a future which is up ahead of us and which is can be much more brighterย  ~ M. Faizan

I started to enjoy every single moment of my work and my life. It felt as if the whole world had slowed down and I could so what I wished.ย  In 20 days I completed my work which was pending for 3 months. That spells a W-O-W!! But I know I can do much much more Life no more seems as a mess, but a wonderful gift.

I also had a great time. Family, malls, shopping, food and etc. Mmmmโ€ฆ…i was pretty hesitant to write this one because I’d really sound so high schoolish saying this………….. but some people get your attention. I got a crush on a few random strangers LOL! Yeah, few, May God help me, sounds crazy, right! LOL :D!.

As I said, sweet & sour cocktail of emotions, so my mind was going through a lot of funny stuff.

Okay, okay, i know what some of you guys are thinkin’ now ย  ^_^…….its nothing like that at all………seriously :D!!!

How, what & all I don’t really know, but I got to learn more about myself from this, I thought what was it about them that got my attention ?? I was puzzled for a moment, but then I realized, they were themselves, that’s what I’d noticed. They had that genuine smile which projected out who they really were. When you see a genuine person, your heart brings out that BIG smile, i was in an amazement, awe & wonder, in these crushes, i touched my true being & soul again & again, it was a truly heart opening experience.

I had to follow my dreams and be my complete true self for my work ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ :D!!!

It truly felt like God was changing the circumstances around me, into believing in myself and my capabilities for my work. Even if there were negative things around me, the outside didn’t & doesn’t affect me. Everything feels like a learning and experience.

Then I learnt to believe in the words of my dear friend. Indeed many times God does things that we don’t like, but He does it for our best. I learnt that when some of my plans got cancelled, was unable to do a few other things I wanted to and I remembered how a different career choice had landed me somewhere I didnโ€™t want to be at that time, but now when I look back, that was one of the best things that happened to me…………………

More of what my Sis taught me, how i implemented it into my life and another amazing event which became the final step of my opening, (I’ll be putting up that as poem before Part III) all of it more on “A Break to a Journey of Discoveries III of III”. A heartfelt Thanks to all for taking out their precious time to read this & comment on here :D!!!!


14 thoughts on “A Break to a Journey of Discoveries – II of III

    • Hey Terri :D!!! Thank you so much for taking your time out to comment here :D!!!

      Yes indeed, Letting Go is really very wonderfully important lesson and its something we must all learn to do in a good way, because it not only frees our heart, but also gives us the capacity for being our 100% and i really Thank God for my Sis who taught me this :D!!!

      This has been indeed been one of the most important lessons i learnt on my trip and has truly helped me become my 100% :D!!!

      Thanks again & Have a wonderful weekend ahead :D!!!

  1. ‘Learn from your mistakes and use life lessons as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.’ Everything that He puts in your path He has a reason for doing so. It is how you act and react to those circumstances that will guide you down life’s crazy, confusing and winding road. Letting go does have multiple definitions and what inspires you from your sister to follow through on that will bring you inner peace to grow within. He is watching over you and steps in when He needs to ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy your journey and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses because life goes far too fast! Thanks for sharing Faizan!

    • Hey Jean :D!!!

      Wow, wow, wow!!! So beautifully said my friend :D!!! Mistakes, failures, risks, these all are our lessons, learning and teachings in life. God puts these in our way for our own happiness and for us to truly discover our path and let us look deeper into our souls and feel and become who we really are. Yes indeed. God helped me find my inner peace and growth by blessing me by my wonderful Sis. He knows exactly when to send which person in your life, who’ll help you bring out your true self and walk and help with you in your path. I can keep on Thanking God and i m sure it will never be enough, He’s blessed us all with so much. Thankfully to God, now i feel each moment as treasure and as a wonder, i can feel its limitlessness and the power God has blessed within each moment :D!!!

      And also i can’t Thank Him enough and am eternally Thankful to Him for this amazing journey :D!!
      Thank you so much my friend for taking out time to read my post & comment on it here :D!!!
      Have a wonderfully amazing weekend ahead :D!!!

    • Hey Aline :D!!!
      You’re always SO wonderfully kind to read & drop by a comment :D!!! Thank you so much :D!!! I believe wisdom truly belongs to God, what we learn in our lives are just experiences which He gives us have for us to have a better understanding of ourselves, the world and the people around us.

      God put me onto this journey for me to discover more about myself, its been, lovely, wonderful, amazing, incredible and an eye opening one :D!!!
      My prayers for your Happiness & Best wishes for an amazing new week ahead :D!!!

  2. So true Faizan…it always seems that the minute we “Let Go” that the energy we were using to “Hold On” is freed up for more positive things. Glad you are seeing the benefits in your life ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey Angel :D!!!

      Thank you so much for reading my blog & commenting here :D!!! Yes indeed, letting go is an important part of our lives, because God has a reason for everything he brings into and does in our lives and so does He have reasons of moving them away from us, as fact so we must understand that everything is a learning in our lives.

      All my Thanks to God for all His Love & Blessings :D!!!
      My best wishes for a wonderful new week for you :D!!

  3. best part about letting go… is when it becomes automatic… not even giving it a second glance
    oh yes… genuine people.. I love them.. they glow.. and you can see them coming from a mile away.. I have met many of those… it makes me shine brighter too :~)

    • Hey hey my friend :D!!!

      Thankfully to God, Letting Go is one of His most amazing gifts, it frees your heart, filling it with Love, Light & Positivity :D!!!

      Yes, those Genuine people were strangers, but the impression they left on me was truly Beautiful & Wonderful and i really can’t Thank God enough for that :D!!!
      Thank you so much for reading my blog & commenting here :D!!!
      Wishing you an amazing new week ahead :D!!!

  4. Very true Faizan! God works in mysterious ways and although we may want things to work out a particular way… they so happen to go another. It is very much part of letting go and be able to be in the moment – find the joy and focus on the love. I ask myself… what am I grateful for? Thankful for? We have so many blessings…. many times we don’t realize what’s right under our nose. Great post! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey Sebastian :D!!!

      Its such an amazing honor to see your comment on my blog here :D!!!! Thank you so much :D!!
      Yes indeed, God works in mysterious ways, He creates roads and pathways for us which we couldn’t even have expected or thought of. And you rightly said it my friend :D!!! Loving & Being Grateful to God all the time. We indeed have so many blessings that we can’t stop counting them, and He has given us every reason to keep smiling , always :D!!!

      Thank you so very much once again & Hope you have a wonderfully beautiful week ahead ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ :D!!!

  5. Hi Faizan, Thank you for sharing.. I like your blog :).. Yeah , letting go is the key.. i try to let go every Illussion that I cannot posses :), Rock on Dude!.. Dian (@justdiii)

    • Hey Dian :D!!!

      All my Gratitude to God :D!

      Its truly my honor & pleasure to share it with all of you :D!!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, for your wonderful comment & kind words :D!!!.

      May God always Bless you & all your loved ones with lots of Happiness & Love :D!!!

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