My Metallic Horse (Vehicles & Memories) – Part-II

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** My amazing, loving & great regular readers do know about the first part of my journey with my new metallic horse in the first part. For those of my precious, treasured & prized new readers, who are new to this blog or haven’t read the first part, here’s the link to it : My Metallic Horse (Vehicles & Memories) – Part-I & My previous post Sunshine & Smiles **

Then after those 4 lovely days something happened, while driving her, she suddenly shut down, at first i thought may just be something normal, but i had the little feeling & pinch in my heart that something was not right with her. Then she shut down quite a few times, then one day while driving on a busy road, she shut down, luckily being in a corner lane saved my life, i tried switching her on again & again, but my attempts kept failing. Then on a final hit of the quick start she roared again, i left for home with a heavy & broken heart.

“This shouldn’t be happening to her, its just 4 days she is with me & i took the best care of her” said my mind. I gave a roundhouse kick to these thoughts & said to myself, ” That must just be something normal, don’t take it to the mechanic, be positive” Removing the bad feeling of loosing her from my heart, i started driving her again normally, i felt her engine purring calmly at a speed of 40 , but giving her a throttle gave out a roar louder than before. Then started train of  the chain reactions of shut downs, she shut down 2-4  times in a day.

My love & pain for her transformed into my frustration, anger & fury. I took her back to the place where i had purchased her from, one of the mechanics took her for a drive & said everything was normal, i should see for a day or two more. The first day itself she shut down 2 times but still i hesitated to take her to the mechanic, her engine was new, i didn’t want it to be opened up, so i waited another day, this time she shut down 3 more times, i told myself, “That’s it”. Next morning out for a little ride, she shut down again on a turning with a double decker bus behind me, I was able to start her again immediately & then drove her back to the mechanic.

After a check & waiting for 5 hours, i got her back, the mechanic assured that it wouldn’t happen again, haha… readers probably have the idea ;). Yes it did shut down again, this time i went up to the supervisor & told him how angry i was & i’d got a vehicle with a fault. He told me that there were some more of them with the same problem. I told him that i wanted my problem to be solved right then. He personally called his mechanic & got the job done in an hour. I watched as each of the screws were removed to expose her engine, i really didn’t want her engine to be opened up but that was the only way.

I watched as each screw was slowly removed, a pinch ran through my spine, but then all of a sudden the pain turned into curiosity :)!!! I was excited to see her engine from the inside, how it worked, what did the throttle do so she roared so loud :), in that instant i was transformed into a little child curious to find out what goes on inside the fancy little toy of his, his heart jumping up & down, the sense of excitement & the fear of loosing the toy :D. I watched as the checked the parts of the engine with their ‘equipments’, a fault was found in the adapter, so it was changed.

And then again, the problem continued, i felt a volcano brewing inside of me, my love for her and the pain felt on thoughts of loosing her combined the anger and fury that i’d been given a faulty vehicle, felt like a cocktail of emotions. And when she shut down while i drove her, that was enough for me to spoil my day. I loved her and she was one of my most prized possessions. Even though I knew her fault, but my pride in her and the power i felt when i held her reins, made me forget about it, no matter how heart breaking it was. How can you leave the hand of something you love so much at times when they’re in trouble, in such times, you always want to be there for them and u never leave them.

At that moment i felt, i was being taught a lesson, although i knew its importance, it was just giving me the realization again, by putting me into a deeper feeling, that how really important it was to be there for your friends when they need you, its not that when they’re no more of use that you must leave them, No! That’s the time when you should be there, love them & support them.

With this same spirit, i continued driving her. My mood changes and irritation was quite visible to the people at home, and then when an aggressive one came to know the reason, and that my peaceful approaches to the dealer weren’t working (i really don’t like to shout & create a mess and i didn’t want that some of his customers would run away because of it), that person fired the dealers in such a shocking manner on the phone that i was shaken out my seat!! They themselves called the next time to inform when the engineers from the company were coming!!

Yeps, and that was it! 4th time at the dealers garage!! The engineers from the company informed that they have to increase the power adjustment of the engine & the petrol cap was to be changed as at some moments the combustion of petrol & its evaporation caused the engine to stop.

The adjustments were done by the dealer as ordered by the company, and then I started her engine again 🙂 I felt a new power in her, my excitement and my throttle happy palm aligned with the new power of her engine. She felt so perfect :). A new beginning, a new road, and a journey full of excitement up ahead of me, without anymore trouble, taking a deep breath filled with happiness & hope and feeling her great power I zoomed with a woo hoo :D!!!

Here’s my experience with the first vehicle of a new type, and that’s how i feel about her :). My Shiny Black Metallic Horse :)!!

Did any of you had/has/have a similar attachment to their vehicle, or perhaps a memory of their beloved vehicle and how did/do they feel about it ?? I’d love to know about it :D! . I hope you like and enjoyed this experience of mine and i would love you to share your thoughts, ideas or opinions about it in the comments.


15 thoughts on “My Metallic Horse (Vehicles & Memories) – Part-II

  1. I can’t say I’ve had that kind of experience with a vehicle (I think it’s more of a guy thing), but I know many men who are attached to their “machines,” whether a scooter, a bike, a motorcycle or a car. Such treasures are often temperamental, alas – which can cause the same effect in the owner. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you were finally able to resolve the mechanical issues with your new scooter. I know that must have been extremely frustrating. Enjoy the ride!

  3. Thank You so much for you comment :D!!! I greatly appreciate it :D!!
    Yes, indeed it was really so very frustrating!! God, i am so relieved now that ‘she’s’ working properly….Lol ;D!
    The mood swings, the frustration, the anger, the cocktail of emotions, it was really something ;D!

  4. I am glad you got all your mechanical issues resolved! Nothing worse than having to take it back for the ‘same problem’. I had a car that I saved for and bought on my own. This was a special car not only because I worked hard and purchased with my own money, but it gave me that zoom I needed to get on the highway! It was part of my life for 10 years and I had mixed feelings when I was selling it. I knew the person I was selling to and they knew how well I took care of it. I recently saw this person and asked ‘how is my car?!’ Seems that car not only served me well, but continued to work hard almost maintenance free for another 8 years. I guess the only way I can articulate that feeling is comparing it to raising a child then setting them free into the world and making you proud. It was a great car!

    • Yes, really Thank God!!! It was such a mess & such a great deal of waste of time & energy!! Wow, Thank You so much for sharing such an amazing & lovely experience with us. You must have been really so attached to that car & taken so much care for it & also loved it so much :D.
      I so much feared loosing my scooter, its something that i hadn’t bought & driven before and the feeling that came with it when i rode ‘her’ it is just magical, creating a mood for fun, laughter & craziness….Lol ;D!!
      I always thought of ‘her’ as beautiful, shiny, black horse that i always wish to have, sort of like Black Beauty :).
      Attachment to somethings can be really so special & bonding sometimes :D! We then miss their presence so much sometimes :).
      All a part of this wonderful life of ours, gifted to us by God 🙂

      Thank You so much once again Jean :D! Taking out the time to read my blog post, to comment on it & sharing such a wonderful experience means a lot to me :D!

  5. I’m so glad your engine issues are corrected. There is nothing worse than having an investment like that go bad and become unreliable and dangerous. In 2000 we bought a F250. It was a lemon! The engine kept filling with coolant and the engine would die. When we added all the days the truck was in the shop, it added up to 6 months. We finally called a lemon lawyer. They got us a brand new truck.

    Have fun with your metalic horse!! 🙂

  6. Thank You so much for taking out time to read my blog, commenting on it & sharing your experience here :D!
    Oh God!!! 6 months!! You must be really so angry and frustrated!! Indeed you fear the loss of investment that you’ve put into it.
    But i am just too attached to my metallic horse……LOL! I am really so Thankful to God that the problem got solved without taking any further measures.
    I wrote this post after my problem got solved, which is a week ago :D!! This all is so recent and i am so glad that all of you love this little experience of mine so much.
    All Thanks to God for giving me such beautiful, loving & incredible readers :D!!

  7. I´m glad that finally all the mechanic issues were fixed, In my case, no I have not been so attached to any vehicle, but I´m sure you love her because it takes you away and is with you all the time to whatever you want it too.
    So I´m happy for you, enjoy your ride!


    • Yes, i am so Thankful to God that the problem got over for good :D!! Yes, you’re correct the feeling of having a new vehicle of a different type and my experience with ‘her’ has been quite good because of the convenience i get in driving my scooter :D!!.
      Thank You so much for taking out time to read my blog, commenting on it and letting us know about your experience :D!

  8. Hey, Faizan! I love this very post as all of yours. And the thought in it is the most wonderful: “that how really important it was to be there for your friends when they need you, its not that when they’re no more of use that you must leave them, No! That’s the time when you should be there, love them & support them”. I am so amazed that simple example made me think of the serious things = the relationship between people! Thank you!

    • You’re so very welcome Anitne :D!! And Thank You so much once again for taking out time to read my blog & to comment on it :D!! Yes, indeed it is really so important to be there for our friends & the people we love 🙂

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