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On a vacation after a long time, i decided that from then onwards whenever & wherever i go, i always wear a smile. The major reason was the happiness of being on a vacation after a long while. And so that day i did wear a smile when i left out for my little adventures.

Well, it felt a little awkward in the beginning, to always be smiling, but then it was better than having the same & normal expression.

As i walked around and saw more & more people pass by me, it was a different & a completely new experience, i noticed that by just wearing a smile you display so much positivity. You create, bring out & show something about yourself. I wanted people to see who i truly am, so wearing a fake smile, without having that feeling from your heart would be lying to the people without actually speaking something. That day i saw the difference in the way people looked at me. An experience so dynamic, that it gave me an idea about the minds of different people & what do they think about a person smiling.

I did get smiles back, which was amazing and beautiful, while reading the expressions of some others, they had a look on their face which  said “what is he all happy about ?” , and some with an envious look. But, that was no reason for me to stop smiling :D!!

The significance what a smile has in our lives is great. Its like what sunshine is for our day, it brings a sense of life, joy, light, a new feeling, each time when we wake up in the morning, a new beginning of untold possibilities, unimaginable probabilities, hope, happiness & so much more. Same goes for a smile, it is something so small, but the role it can play in our lives is just so great. I also wrote in a poem for a friend that how her smile was the sunshine to my day.

It is so easy to smile from your heart when you are happy, but it gets difficult to smile from your heart in times of sadness/darkness. While going through some rough days, i thought i should always try to keep smiling, but moving those 13/14 muscles seemed so difficult at that point of time, it was difficult to feel something so great & positive while so many things were happening around you, but then a beacon of hope shined through my thoughts & i smiled, in that sudden moment the world seemed so much of a brighter place, i was calm, my heart wasn’t beating frantically anymore, instead of being sad on what was happening with me, i started looking for solutions & ways to deal with them, i felt a mindset so strong.

A Smile doesn’t only represent happiness, it represents hope, strength, the power & the will to get up each time one falls, the positivity to smile through all the difficulties thrown, the choice to live through this amazing gift of life in a happy way & to its fullest. Smiles inspire & motivate, make our hearts light, makes us feel better, it puts a glow on our faces, makes it shine, projects out positivity and confidence.

A beautiful smile of Penelope Beveridge - Austrailian Pro Photographer.

Whenever i think of a smile, i imagine a picture of a butterfly flying through the sunflowers, the radiant light of the flowers, the colors of the wings of the butterfly, and yes, the sunshine.

Equally much important is making some one else smile, it does not only give them happiness, but you too feel happy from the inside. And its an incredible feeling. It may be just any one, a friend, a family member, a loved one, a homeless person or an orphan child.

I did learn more of that some years ago when i volunteered to a home for destitutes with a Red Cross programme. I saw the smiles on the faces of the children there when i distributed some chocolates among them. Their eyes spoke about their happiness. It made me feel so happy, incredible & strong, it was a really great experience & also helped me to understand & look much more deeper into life’s realities.

A Smile is something so little but its significance, importance the role it plays in our lives & the lives of others & its impact is so great.

Well, that’s what happened with me & what i think about smiles & smiling. What do you think about it ? Have you had a similar experience ?  What do you think about this blog post ? I would love to know what you think about it. Do leave a comment if you can, I greatly appreciate it. I end my blog post with this amazing quote & this song

” Today, give a stranger a smile without waiting for it may be the joy they need to have a great day. ” ~ Byron Pulsifer


15 thoughts on “Sunshine & Smiles

    • Thank You so much Darlene. I greatly appreciate it :D! Yes, it is indeed something that we should include in our everyday lives, make it a habit, not only smiling ourselves, but also making others smile. That’s what will make our days much more brighter, filled with positivity.

  1. Hey, Faizan! I like the post ! Especially the words: “A Smile doesn’t only represent happiness, it represents hope, strength, the power & the will to get up each time one falls…”. U r right ! But how it’s sometimes difficult to smile when… I remember how one actor answered to the girl, who had asked: “I can cry at any minute I want. Will it be enough to be the actress?” He: “To be the actress may be, but to be the brilliant one – try to laugh just smile when you want to cry.”

  2. Hey Anitne, Thank You so much for reading & commenting :D!! I am so glad that you like the post so much. Yes, its so easy to smile when we’re happy, i’d given about my experience too while i was going through some rough days, its difficult at first, but then when you start smiling through your difficulties, the power, strength, spirit & confidence is just something else.

  3. Faizan,
    Wonderful post full of positive and inspirintg thoughts. I always believed that a simple smile could correct so many wrongs and make people around you a little happier. I have a friend, they call her at work a little sunshine of the office because she smiles a lot and somehow it lights the whole place with some much light and possivite energy. I, myself, love to smile! Each of us has so much to offer from within us, to radiate that light by simply smiling at someone! I personally smile to life because everyday is a great new adventure!

  4. Thank You so much Olya :D!! Yes, a lot, a simple smile has so much power & light to make yourself & people around you more happier. Wow,,,that is indeed so amazing :D! Your words too are filled with so much positivity & light, Thank You so much for sharing your opinion, thoughts & experience here :D! I greatly appreciate it :D!!

  5. Smiles… are the fastest way to connect…the fastest way to give

    ” Today, give a stranger a smile without waiting for it may be the joy they need to have a great day. ” ~ Byron Pulsifer

    a great line ~ :~)

  6. I too like to smile. I smile often, to the point some people have questioned it. Was it a fake smile?
    I saw myself in the mirror. Why do others criticize it? Where I come from, it makes me feel good and I want others to feel good too. In serious business talks I too smile and find people respond in kind. Smiles bring out the kindness of our human dimension and completes us. Your post just reminded me of this fact and I feel great to know we are sharing these thoughts with a smile.

    • Thank you so much for reading my post & taking out time to comment on it. When the smile comes from your heart, it doesn’t matter what people say. I have a quote of my own :- Don’t ever hold back from being yourself from, by and because of something or someone. ~ M. Faizan. Yes, smiling and kindness radiates positivity, a sense of comfort and happiness, like a sunshine. Deep down inside it also touches the hearts of many. As the quote the at the end of the post says, “Today, give a stranger a smile without waiting for it may be the joy they need to have a great day. ” ~ Byron Pulsifer so i feel one must never ever hesitate to give that smile. And also if we start counting the blessings we have, i am sure we won’t be able to stop smiling :D!
      Thank you so once again Josef :D! Your response is greatly appreciated.

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