My Metallic Horse (Vehicles & Memories) – Part-I

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It had been months i waited to get one of my own, wasn’t able to get it because i was on a vacation. Finally after months of waiting i had one of my own. Some people around me suggested that i should go for a Red one, but she wasn’t the one i always dreamed about. I finally decided and made a choice of what i loved, i bought a Metallic Black one, the one whom i would be able to fall in love with.

And after 14 days of waiting after the payment & the paper work, there she was, my Metallic Black colored 125cc scooter. I waited for her days & nights, thinking & day dreaming about feeling the wind rushing around me while driving it, that incredible power of its engine under my seat & so much more :D!

Now i finally had it, something new & so different that i’d never driven before (except when i had to train in the driving school). There she was, i rotated her throttle for the first time, i heard the engine give out a timid little voice, but i knew, when i wanted her to, she could roar loud enough for everyone on the road to hear her. Her seat was specially designed by the dealers who sold it, i never knew how but they knew what colors & designs i would like, they designed it in the shape of a flame with red & silver colors, and was almost of the same design of my helmet.

At first my fists tightly clenched her reins, i had an uncomfortable feeling of riding her, at times i found her out of my very control, i wasn’t able to understand, why wasn’t i able to ride her well, although i loved her so much. Then a lightning strike of a thought raced through my mind, a trip down the memory lane of  an old Anime i watched as a kid, in an episode of which, a warrior learns to handle a legendary sword, but in order to master it, his master tells him to be one with the sword, feel it as an extension of himself, feel its power, its sharpness, its control.

CLICK!! That was it! I took her for a drive again, repeated the thought in my head, and Wow!! silly but unbelievable, i didn’t need to take control of her like a dictator, but just feel her strength & power under those fists of mine. That incredible feeling of feeling one with her, my fists holding her reins as lightly as possible, no stress or tension developing while riding her and i was so much more comfortable

For 3 days i was the night rider, testing her power, speed & control and also my skills when i rode her. The feeling was incredible. I had the feeling which Batman must’ve had when he first rode his Batpod, or The Ghost Rider when he discovered the power of his new bike. I was (& i am) in love with her, i had the feeling of being so attached to something like this was with my Dad’s first car, i loved it so much, it was Metallic Polo Green, i missed the times we had in that car :),,,,but after 8 years of attachment & love, Dad had put it out for sale, i was out in another country when i heard the sad news, loved his new car too, but always carried those fond memories of the old one.

I felt the temperature of her engine increase after i drove her, gave me the feeling of the hind & strong legs of the horse and how hot they became after a long ride. The power to swiftly maneuver her through the busy streets, zig zagging through the lanes & cars. Learning to shift my weight & to turn on the curves brought me the flashbacks  of playing Superbike games as a child on my Pc, some of my favorite drivers being Valentino Rossi & Vladimir Karban.

But then one day suddenly something happened and after that a chain of them & my troubles with her…….to be continued in My Metallic Horse (Vehicles & Memories) – Part  II


7 thoughts on “My Metallic Horse (Vehicles & Memories) – Part-I

  1. Men & vehicles is eternal story of love, I know. That’s why such a romance especially when one has got the desired at last. There is some nostalgia from the childhood. It’s natural as if we place the woman instead. It’s a joke, my friend. I like the post very much. So amazing!!

  2. Men & vehicles is the eternal story of love. That’s why such a romance especially when one has got the desired. There is the nostalgia from the childhood, the dreams. We can boldly imagine the woman instead & it will be OK) It’s a joke, my friend. I like your post very much. Such amazing!!

    • Lol!! I am so glad you like my post so much =). haha….i imagined it more as a black horse. But i do love it, dearly…hehe. Yes, lol….it was quite funny even for me remembering about something i watched back when i was child. Thank You so much for taking time out to read my blog & commenting on it :D! I greatly appreciate it :D!!

  3. I love that you smile and love the feelings you experienced when others looked at you. Wearing a smile helps others feel happy! Your love and experience while you ‘held the reins’ and ‘felt the power’ is one that paints a picture for all of us to see and feel, too. A mini escape from our reality to a place that can make us all smile back at you 😀

    • Thank You so much, indeed it was a great experience & it opened so many windows of my mind :D!! Yes, indeed those were my thoughts & feelings, always wanted to have a black shiny horse, i love it, even if its in metal with a 125cc engine :D!! Your replies, comments & all of you appreciating my posts, makes me stretch my smile to its maximum, a Big Thank You to all of you for replying to my comments, motivating me & inspiring me :D!

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