People & Probabilities

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A few days ago, i was going through all the tweets that are posted on Twitter, i watched as the people whom i follow tweeted. Something suddenly stuck in my mind.

Felt quite new, but it was old & i thought about it after quite some time.

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As always an adventurous spirit, i love discovering new places, watching them, knowing more about them, as i saw the people go pass by me. That day I fell into the swirling motion of my thoughts starting with, how each person has a life, a story of their own, a journey they’ve been traveling through as long as they’ve lived their lives & will continue with it.


And how a simple greeting, a ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey” could make you a part of that journey for those split moments creating a ripple effect. You might be forgotten by most, but some will remember you forever for those little moments. I know because i do remember some & wished that i’d got to know more about them, but no regrets, life is full of fascinating opportunities. So many………….. Probabilities.

By one simple greeting, the incentive to go ahead & communicate, so many destinies clash, meet & get to know each other. People greet, meet & then form relationships, some not so great & some so great & so special that become an integral part of your & their lives. Whether these relationships turn to be good or bad, we learn something from them, they change us, make us stronger, give us a new perspective of this life, helps us understand people in a better way, reveal to us the truth about this life, gives us so much experience & so many other things. The relationships may be friendship, partnership, soul mates, brothers and so many others

Well in my life i did make quite some friends this way, but the friendships were not so great, but i did make some really good friends here & online. And i sincerely Thank God for all of them.

Thoughts raced through my mind & continued, that what would have happened if i didn’t meet these friends who have & had made such a great impact in my life, i could have been so different, i would have never even know who they are. My mind rushed, i felt myself fascinated, shocked, amazed & shaken.

And then suddenly a sweet memory of a person with whom i formed a friendship a little while ago, calmed me down. She was demonstrating a product in a mall (in another country i’d visited), as i watched her demonstrate it, she gave me a smile, i was amazed & @_@ (confused)  that why she’d given a smile to a stranger & an unknown person ?? After she was done with her work, i told her a ‘Hi’ and talked to her, she told me that she smiled at me because she had seen me in the mall some months ago too. And in that long conversation i figured out that she was one of the most amazing, polite & kind people i’d ever met. We shared so much about each other & i was happy that our meeting formed into a good friendship. And it’d all began with her smile & me moving forward to say ‘Hi’.

An amazing experience which pushed me into a whirlwind of thoughts. I also thought that how each of us can make a difference in someone else’s life, make them feel happy, be a part of their lives, bring a change into their lives  & how they can even change you.

This was what happened with me, what about you ? Did any of you have a similar experience ? What do you think about this post ?  Let me know in the comments below, i’d love to know your opinions & thoughts :D!


14 thoughts on “People & Probabilities

  1. Faizan, congratulations! It’s so wonderful to start something new. It adds a special thrill to our lives. What you were talking about here is very familiar to me. There have been so many times when I had those special encounters which developed into something which brought so much joy into my life!

  2. Thank you so much Olya :D!! haha…..i m so glad that you too had those encounters, they’re just something so special & amazing. And yes, they do bring so much joy into our lives, Thank you so much for the comment :D!!

  3. Faizan, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Some of the same things have run through my mind at times. Every day I think of how my virtual friends spill more and more into my thoughts & life. It’s a marvelous thing and I feel grateful to be alive in this day and age where such things are possibilities.

    • You’re so welcme Terri :D!! Thank You so much for commenting too :D!! Yes its truly amazing & i really Thank God that we have so many possibilities in this age & time that we can have/make friends beyond our physical reach too :D!!

  4. The post makes people think a lot about the real values in our life journeys. It can be that a greeting word, hearty smile, kind attitude do help a lot. To have the best friends is the real blessing from Above. Thank U, Faizan!! I’ve got real pleasure!

    • You’re welcome & i am so glad you liked this post too. Yes indeed, just a kind gesture, can bring in so many changes in our lives. Yes, these are all really the blessings from God that we get to meet such people in our life. Thank You so much once again :D!!

    • Thank You so much Penelope :D!! I greatly appreciate it :D!! Yes, i do plan on giving a little more time to my blog now :D! I am so glad that you took out time to read & comment on my blog, it mans a lot to me :D!

  5. You are so right Faizan, it’s the little things in life like a smile, a kind word, a Hi or a simple gesture of support that can mean so much.

    Your thoughtful post is a great reminder of how important it is to remember to take a little time to do these things 🙂

    • Hey Tony, Thank you so much for taking your time out to read this post & comment on it. Yes indeed, when i’d entered that mall it never even passed my mind that i’d make a wonderful friend there, but that’s what amazing about life :D!!. I totally agree once again, not only a little time, but we can do it every day, in every moment of our lives, like enter the office with a smile, greet the fam. with a hug back home, help someone out, there are so many things like these that always keeps your hearts & faces smiling, always, no matter what.

      Thank you so much once again my friend :D!!!

  6. Thank you! I enjoyed what you wrote…my thoughts exactly. I have met a lot of truly wonderful people online. Everyday is a wonderful day with them,especially when they share their lives & own experiences 🙂

    • Hey Grace, Thank You so much for taking time out to read my post & comment on it :D!! It means a Lot to me :D!!!. And i am so glad to know you like my post :D!!

      Yes indeed we all have, I really Thank God for that :D!!!. They have become a part of our lives as we share our lives with them and they with us. Its a wonderful experience in all to see them around, talk to them almost everyday, share a few moments. The world has become a way smaller place now and we are so connected to each other.
      I truly Thank You so much once again for sharing your opinion with me :D!!
      May Happiness & Love always surround you.

  7. It’s amazing, as time goes by, to reflect on those we have met throughout our lives… some by chance, some intentionally. And then there are those who appear at the perfect time, although we might not realize it until later. Life is a marvelous adventure. It was a pleasure reading your post. 😉

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