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Monologues of a Day Dreamer – Staticulator

A Big “Hello” to the amazing, incredible & fascinating world of Blogging :D!

A great Thanks to my Mother for the amazing idea & my friends for their great inspiration. They inspired & motivated me that i should do what my heart wills & give my time to it.  And it would be a way for me to express myself.

Staticulator came out to be a creation of my imagination & day dreams in my childhood & later also as i developed him, i’ll be revealing more about him along the waves of time as i keep posting/blogging.

I’ll be blogging/posting mostly my experiences, thoughts, imaginations & many other things that my heart wishes to blog. I m not much of a story writer & poet, but i may post some.

I spend quite a lot of my time day dreaming and the various thoughts that come into my mind fascinated me to share it out with the world. Somethings that my heart wanted to express. I’ll use some crazy language (not foul words), confusing phrases, words that don’t mean anything in any dictionary & loads of other crazy, fun & weird stuff

I’d be glad to know your opinions, thoughts and ideas about my little effort to express myself with this blog. And i do hope u enjoy life from the perspective of this Day Dreamer.

Let this journey begin………..


6 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hey Faizan,

    Welcome, my friend, to the world of blogging. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. I wish you every success in your efforts to blog, and I do so hope that you enjoy it.

    D 😉

  2. Hello, Faizan! You are right blogging is the best way of expressing ourselves in spite of our sometimes foul words, but essential are our thoughts, impressions, feelings, ideas. Do you best & everything will be OK!

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